Tamar Braxton Claims She Was “Threatened” by an RHOA Star and Their Husband, Was It Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker?

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Tamar Braxton Claims She Was “Threatened” by a RHOA Star and Their Husband, Was It Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker?

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After Tamar Braxton indicated she was threatened by one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta peach-holders and her “man,” a source shared that the singer was allegedly referring to Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

The drama purportedly started when Kandi claimed former Bravo producer Carlos King tried to steal the rights to her band Xscape’s life story. Tamar, who has toured with Kandi and the band, later made statements suggesting Carlos did no such thing.

Tamar recently took to Instagram and made another shocking declaration.

“I got a story … y’all wanna hear about it?” wrote the star.

“I was threatened by a [peach] and they man…” she added in the next post, shared by @therealityrundown on Instagram.

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“It’s funny to me that. No one said anything … maybe cause they don’t want you to know who they REALLY are,” she continued.

She then shared, “I feel like if I did [what] they did … they would have told the WORLD.”

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“But because they don’t want y’all to know how f**ked up they are as people and city officials … they ain’t said s***,” the star explained.

The star asked the question, “Shall we play a guessing game?”

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“It’s BEEF and it’s a REAL BEEF cause yo HUSBAND stepped to me! Periodt!” Tamar ended the posts.

Image credit: @tamarbraxton/Instagram via @therealityrundown/Instagram

Later, celebrity blogger @officialkenbarbie reported that a source, who was in the building when the alleged threat occurred, named Kandi and Todd as the alleged culprits.

According to the report, Todd “felt the need to confront” Tamar during a recent concert in Tampa.

“Apparently there’s been friction between [Kandi] and Tamar since Kandi wasn’t feeling the feedback Tamar gave when discussing the allegations that producer #CarlosKing had began working on an #Xscape biopic behind her back,” wrote the account on Instagram.

“Allegedly the two got into it on Dec 10th … [and now] Tamar believes Kandi has gone so far as to try to get her removed from future shows.. and tonight [at the concert] Todd decided to try and take things into his own hands while Kandi was on stage performing.”

Meanwhile, former castmate Eva Marcille denied being a part of it, writing on Instagram, “Not I said the cat.”

Her denial was confirmed by Tamar herself, who commented via @therealityrundown. “@evamarcille and is not. Sorry [Eva],” wrote Tamar. “Wasn’t trying to pull u into some FOUL ShT.”

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