Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp Slam “Angry” Bethenny Frankel Over WWHL Interview and ReWives Podcast, Plus Bethenny Reveals Which Former RHONY Costars She’s in Touch With

by Josh Ramsey
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Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp Blast "Angry" Bethenny Frankel Over WWHL Interview and ReWives Podcast, Plus Bethenny Reveals Which Former RHONY Costars She’s in Touch With

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Another set of Housewives is coming for Bethenny Frankel and her heavily criticized Real Housewives “unoriginal” rewatch podcast, ReWives, after she “trashed” the show for years.

Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge did not take kindly to Bethenny’s showdown with Andy Cohen and fellow guest Jeff Lewis on Watch What Happens Live. During the showdown, Andy called Bethenny “hypocritical” for launching the podcast, and Bethenny snidely claimed her version of a rewatch podcast was different than others because she “wasn’t fired” or a “disgruntled employee.”

On their Two T’s in a Pod podcast, Tamra and Teddi scolded the Real Housewives of New York alum’s interview and choice of words, calling them just more of Bethenny’s pretentious “jabs.”

“The one thing I really didn’t care for is, Jeff said ‘so tell me what’s different about your podcast than any other recap Housewives’ and she goes ‘well I wasn’t fired.’ What the h*** does that have to do with anything? You’re an ex-Housewife and it doesn’t matter if you got fired or you quit – what does that have to do with that being different with your podcast? It’s just another one of her jabs,” Tamra asserted on the show, via Heavy.

Teddi agreed, wondering out loud why Bethenny is so defensive and bitter about the questions surrounding the podcast, especially when Bethenny claims she can go back to RHONY whenever she pleases.

“[Bethenny] kept saying to Jeff Lewis how angry he was because he was fired because she wasn’t fired — and she could go back at any time and I’m like ‘Great’. But if you can go back at any time and you don’t want to be back, then what are you so angry about?”

Teddi previously revealed her thoughts on Bethenny during a December 2022 episode of the podcast.

“This is something that you wanted to do, clearly, you have a deal, you are making good money. Why are you so defensive about it? Just laugh. Like take a joke. Like be like, ‘yeah, you know what? I changed my mind. I’ll do about anything for money,’” she stated.

Moving on, Bethenny still has some friends in the Housewives world despite the negativity coming her way.

Speaking to Decider earlier this month, Bethenny revealed that she’s in touch with former RHONY costars Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley, and surprisingly, Ramona Singer.

“It’s so funny, Sonja [Morgan] texted me yesterday,” Bethenny told the outlet. “Dorinda [Medley] texted me after Watch What Happens Live, to say I hope you do come back, which I always say is very gracious and flattering.”

“Ramona [Singer] has been texting me, asking me for some business advice. So that’s new and different and I’m always open to giving business advice. And then I have a sort of Instagram-ish, TikTok-ish relationship with some other Housewives that I’ve never even met,” the SkinnyGirl mogul confessed.

Bethenny has no plans to return to RHONY or the upcoming spinoff, RHONY: Legacy, and she has had no qualms about making that fact public.

“It’s not something that seems like it’s appealing to me, it seems like a hodgepodge when they already have a couple of series of hodgepodges of everyone mixed together, so this is a hodgepodge of people who used to be in one city.,” Bethenny said during an April 1 episode of her podcast, Just B., referring to Legacy. “It’s a little unclear and confusing for me.”