Ryan Seacrest Shades Andy Cohen, Says It’s “Good Idea” For Him to Cut Back on NYE Drinking After Andy Dissed His Show On-Air

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Ryan Seacrest Says It’s a “Good Idea” for CNN to Cut back on NYE Drinking After Andy Cohen’s Rant

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Ryan Seacrest has a seemingly shady response to Andy Cohen’s New Year’s Eve diss, as he hints it was alcohol-driven and approves CNN’s recent indication there will be less alcohol this year.

Last winter, before the ball dropped, Andy expressed (alongside co-host Anderson Cooper) that Ryan’s ABC broadcast had ‘losers’ performing, and he slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the ‘crappiest term.’ The next morning, the Watch What Happens Live host claimed via Twitter that he was ‘overserved.’

Addressing CNN’s reported decision to scale back on the NYE drinking, Ryan gave his seal of approval and seemed to shade Andy.

“I don’t advocate drinking when one is on the air. I don’t know how that started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN. There’s some pretty respectable people or at least one, right?” said Ryan, in an interview with EW. “I think there’s a serious journalist and then a friend of mine who has a lot of fun, but it’s probably a good idea — although the viewers probably wish they would drink more.”

During last year’s coverage, Andy slammed the rival broadcast, expressing via Yahoo, “If you look behind me, you’ll see Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers performing. I’m sorry but if you’re watching ABC, you’re watching nothing.”

“I think they had something to say about my show at one point, which was I’m sure from the alcohol because, I don’t think they would say what they said about our performers if they weren’t drinking,” Ryan added. “But, you know, I think our show’s a bigger, broader show and we will not drink until 1:05 in the morning.”

He then quipped, “Although, I might send them some Casa Dragones Tequila just to tempt them while they’re on the air.”

Ryan shared that several artists have been tipsy on his broadcast, but it didn’t affect their ability to perform.

“I think Post Malone was definitely enjoying himself before he went out,” the host explained. “But it’s amazing, artists can still hit their marks, they can do their songs while drinking. Luke Bryan, who I worked with on American Idol, he can have a couple of drinks and still nail it.”

The 48-year-old, however, doesn’t feel the same for himself.

“For me, it’s a little more intense,” he shared. “I prefer not to do that on a live broadcast so I get the countdown right, I don’t want to screw it up.”