RHOC: Meghan King Slams Kelly Dodd’s Criticism of Braunwyn Amid Divorce Drama, Says it “Hurts” Single Women

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RHOC: Meghan King Slams Kelly Dodd’s Criticism of Braunwyn as “Poor Taste” Amid Divorce Drama, Says it “Hurts” Single Women

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Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King is defending her decision to speak out against fellow OC veteran Kelly Dodd.

Kelly recently criticized former co-star Braunwyn Windham-Burke after she requested more money in spousal support and child support from her estranged husband, Sean Burke, after claiming to have a mere $2,900 to her name.

Kelly reposted a Page Six article detailing Braunwyn’s situation and captioned it, “You go woke you go broke.” Kelly and Braunwyn constantly disagreed over their differing political beliefs during their tenure together on RHOC.

Kelly’s criticism of “single women” did not sit well with Meghan, who is a single mother herself, and she found Kelly’s comments to be in “poor taste.”

“Don’t rip on any single mom who needs more money because that hurts the whole cause of single women trying to get back on their feet after a divorce,” Meghan said during an Instagram Live session.

Meghan continued by saying that’s “typical” for a woman to find herself in a distressing financial situation after a divorce and “we shouldn’t talk bad about it no matter what we think.”

During the conversation, one fan brought up that Kelly deliberately brought up Braunywn because of her “gay lifestyle,” and she accused Meghan of supporting Braunwyn. Meghan denied this and pointed out that sexuality has nothing to do with the point she was intending to make.

“Kelly was specifically talking about Braunwyn because she is living large on her gay lifestyle and not even living with her kid’s full time. Braunwyn is looking for Sean to support her lifestyle,” the fan commented.

Meghan responded, “Can you see the bigger picture here? Or do [you] still believe I’m making this about Braunwyn?” She then added, “And to say ‘gay’ lifestyle is straight up bigotry. What does ‘gay’ have anything to do with this? If you don’t like the way she’s living say you don’t agree with her ‘LIFESTYLE’. GAY has zero to do with this.”

Meghan went on to clarify that she was defending “the system” and not blindly defending Braunwyn because she didn’t have “enough information” to form an accurate picture of her situation.

In December 2022, the disagreement reached a new level as Kelly leaked screenshots of a text exchange between Meghan and herself discussing Braunwyn’s finances. In the messages, Kelly calls Braunwyn a “fame wh*re” who “ran off” to New York. Meghan can be seen defending Braunwyn and accusing Kelly of “not [being] nice” and “perpetuating a negative attitude towards divorced women” who are “struggling.”

The two have yet to reach a resolution.