Kelly Dodd Says Tamra Judge is Threatening to Sue Her, Makes Shocking Claims Against Eddie and Tamra’s Surgery, Plus Shades “Clout Chaser” Teddi and “Liar” Brandi

by Adam Ragsdale
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Kelly Dodd Says Tamra Judge is Threatening to Sue Her Amid Ownership Drama, Makes Shocking Claim Against Eddie and Tamra’s Surgery, Plus Shades “Clout Chaser” Teddi and “Liar” Brandi

Kelly Dodd claimed Tamra Judge is now “threatening a lawsuit,” following Kelly’s claims that Tamra wasn’t listed as an owner of her CBD company – according to an LLC document. She then shared the “word on the street” regarding Tamra’s recent surgery.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum also slammed Tamra’s co-host Teddi Mellencamp as a “clout chaser,” and shaded Brandi Glanville following their drama over the cancellation of a scheduled interview.

On a recent Instagram comment, shared by @LoveAndyC on Twitter, Kelly told alum Gretchen Rossi that Tamra is “now threatening a lawsuit.” She then wrote, “She and her gay husband are a joke.”

Kelly then addressed more drama on her “Rick & Kelly Show” YouTube Channel, which she co-hosts with her husband Rick Leventhal.

First, the alum shared that a fan messaged her about a recent interview between Teddi and Brandi, who discussed Kelly’s alleged actions. Kelly shared that she hadn’t listened to the episode. “I don’t listen to morons,” she wrote, in a screenshot of her response, which she shared in her video. “I don’t want to lose brain cells. Teddi is one big clout chaser.”

After revealing a clip from the podcast – when Teddi shares that Tamra was having surgery due to an ‘incarcerated hernia that burst her stomach wall’ – Kelly shared a rumor about what allegedly happened.

“Honestly, word on the street is that [Tamra’s] anus was so stretched out from her husband banging her anally that she had to get anal revision for her sphincter to squeeze up because it was so loose,” said Kelly, sharing the rumor.

Kelly later added, “Karma’s a b**ch, isn’t it?”

“You think I’m scared of your lawyers?” asked Kelly, addressing Tamra’s alleged legal action over Kelly’s comment that Tamra perhaps didn’t own the CBD company. “Come after me, b**ch.”

Rick then indicated that he and Kelly were simply citing public documents.

Next, addressing Brandi’s claim that she canceled Kelly’s podcast interview the day it was scheduled, Kelly accused Brandi of lying. Kelly claimed it was canceled days earlier, and shared a receipt of the alleged message informing them of the cancellation.

The next day, Kelly texted “liar” Brandi directly, asking if her alleged return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the reason for the cancellation. In Brandi’s purported response, which Kelly shared via a screenshot, Brandi denied this was the reason.

Kelly then called Brandi a “dumb b**ch” who has “less followers.” She also asked, “Do you take accountability for your actions when you’re out there acting drunk, kissing other women, naked everywhere … showing your t**s everywhere? You know how embarrassing that is for your sons, to see a h** for a mom?”