Brandi Glanville Sparks Rumor of RHOBH Return With Cryptic Post as Fans Believe She’s Coming to “Take Down Rinna,” Plus Shades Housewives Confessionals

by Adam Ragsdale
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Brandi Glanville Sparks RHOBH Return Rumor With Cryptic Post as Fans React, Plus Shades Housewives Confessionals as Teddi Continues to Diss Bethenny Frankel

Photo Credit: Michael Simon/startraksphoto

Brandi Glanville shared a cryptic post suggesting her possible return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She also shaded other ‘Housewives’ from the franchise while interviewing Teddi Mellencamp, who slammed Bethenny Frankel.

Fans have been calling for Brandi’s return since she was let go in 2015. Some viewers believe Lisa Vanderpump, who was feuding with the star at the time, had a hand in her mysterious exist.

On a December 26 tweet, Brandi shared a video which seemed to hint at her return.

The video begins as she’s hiding a mysterious “Christmas present” in her left hand. After the hand opens slowly, the footage reveals a sparkling diamond.

On the RHOBH, each castmate historically holds a diamond in the opening credits, and the stone has become a symbol for being on the show. Following the post, many fans shared their excitement.

“THE QUEEN OF BEVERLY HILLS IS BACK,” exclaimed one fan on Twitter. “OMG IM GONNA FAINT.”

Another added, “I’m ready! Brandi will change the game a bit and be the wild card that the show needs.” A different user wondered if her role is to “take down [Lisa] Rinna.”

“[I] hope this is true because Brandi is the only one that can shake the current dynamics,” said another. “[I’m] over this attack one person a season BS. She’s the opposite of Crystal [Kung Minkoff] who gets quiet when confronted, Brandi is unpredictable which is good/bad, but … needed!”

On a recent episode of her “Unfiltered” podcast, Brandi shared that “a lot of those women” on Real Housewives are “not that bright” to come up with “funny confessionals” on their own.

She then suggested castmates are being fed the lines. “A lot of times they’ll say, you know, ‘What we’re looking for is this.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s not what I’m saying,'” said Brandi. “And then they’ll ask me the same question four different ways. I’m like, ‘Same question. Not answering that.'”

In the same episode, her guest Teddi shaded Bethenny Frankel‘s new “ReWives” podcast, which recaps former episodes of the franchise.

Teddi, who hosts a ‘Housewives’ recap show of her own, took aim at Bethenny’s alleged lack of originality.

“Well, I’m just so glad that [Bethenny] came up with the idea so you and I could be so successful at it,” quipped Teddi sarcastically. “I mean, what would we have done without her starting this?”

She alleged that Bethenny is pretending to have the “top show.”

“I’m like, don’t pretend like we don’t understand how an algorithm works,” said Teddi.