RHOSLC Finale Recap: Heather Admits Jen is Guilty and Suggests Coach Knew What She Was Doing as Jen Blames Stuart for Crimes and is Confronted by Angie K. Over Black Eye Rumor

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RHOSLC Finale Recap: Heather Admits Jen is Guilty and Suggests Coach Knew What She Was Doing as Jen Blames Stuart for Crimes and is Confronted by Angie K. Over Black Eye Rumor

Credit: Randy Shropshire/Bravo

It’s the season finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and it’s also Jen‘s swan song since we won’t be seeing her on any new episodes for at least 6.5 years. This season has been chock full of friendship breaks, Finstas, fights, and of course, *the* black eye. It’s hard to watch knowing what has developed for Jen as of January 6. However, the rest of the ladies (try to) wrap up the season in a mere 30-minute block since that’s all Bravo allotted before the focus shifts solely to the Shah trial.

Heather is planning her book cover reveal party — and yes, you read that correctly. There is no book, only a cover. OF COURSE, Heather’s choir will be worked into the event, and I am THRILLED to hear they will be performing live. (Be sure to give Lisa a solo — thanks in advance!) This event will be celebrating Heather’s book Bad Mormon, an “impulse buy at the airport” kinda read according to Seth.

The good news is that Heather’s black eye is almost gone just in time for the party. Lisa is tired of Heather’s Who Dunnit game, as are the rest of the viewers! The whole cast of characters comes to support Heather, including Danna, Angie K., Angie H., and of course, Heather’s cousins. The support of her cousins means everything to Heather since in her book she is essentially bashing all that they believe in.

Angie explains that, according to a rumor that Jen is spreading, Angie is responsible for Heather’s black eye. Jen, talk about diverting the attention away from the true guilty party… Angie feels as though once Jen feels crossed, she will forever be “out to get you.”

Angie, the lady annoyed by a rumor swirling about her, then shares a new rumor going around about Jen (tit for tat??). It has been said that Jen and Heather were “doing Barbie scissor kicks,” aka, “in the room having a sexual relationship,” and THAT’S how Heather got her black eye. I could not agree more with Lisa — I, too, do not like this visual painted by Angie K. Then Angie says that maybe the black eye happened cuz someone wasn’t good in bed!!

Coach and Jen beeline over to Angie H. and her hubby to discuss the Finsta. Coach makes Angie’s “Elf on the Shelf” husband break down into tears. He cannot even form a sentence cuz he is def scared sh*tless, and Angie needs to jump in to speak for him. The couples hug it out, and the Finsta issue is seemingly resolved.

I am cringing through this choir’s “Amazing Grace” rendition, and Jen Shah’s “Shamazing Grace” version is def not aging well. Post song, Heather grabs the mic and talks about what kind of friend she aspires to be: “a ride or die for everyone. And if I am a bad Mormon, I hope I can be a good friend.” They then have a COUNTDOWN for the reveal of Heather’s book cover, a la NYE, and Heather proudly models a sleeveless dress like the bad Mormon she is.

What’s a Housewife event without drama? Whitney and Jen have a moment, and Whitney explains that the San Diego trip felt like a gang up on her. And then in the spirit of ganging up, Danna, Angie K., Lisa, and Meredith saunter over. A crowd forms. Fingers start pointing.

Whitney wonders why Jen is fine one-on-one, but in a group setting, she cannot be trusted. And then Angie jumps in. She is done with all the rumors since now they are making HER look bad. Angie does not like Jen telling people she is the one who gave Heather the black eye. Jen calls Coach over and Angie doesn’t hold back. She questions if Jen’s “attempted suicide” was real or all fake. Jen is appalled that Angie would ever question someone’s mental health, and she storms off.

Heather makes her way over, and before any other fights can break out, the end-of-season bios pop up, a whole half hour earlier than usual.

Heather vows to keep up her choir and hopes “to give amazing grace” to her ride-or-die, Jen. Lisa hasn’t been to any Jazz games in a while (boom). Bad Weather is still unsettled, and there has been no reconciliation with Lisa and Meredith.

Three months later… and we are now four months away from Jen’s trial. The trial was pushed five times, but it’s drawing near. Jen is sitting with her mother (probably the last of Jen’s victims as her mother cashed in her retirement to help Jen) and talking about the reality of the trial. Coach and Jen pack up and prep for Jen’s fight of her life in New York.

The flashbacks are everything (thanks, production), and it is absolutely haunting knowing the real-time outcome of Jen’s future. It reminds us of all the sh*t Jen has said/done over the course of the season — just imagine what she says and does when the cameras aren’t around…

Meredith and Heather, Jen’s two ride or dies, have also made the trip to New York to support Jen. Both ladies feel helpless, especially after Jen asks Heather to check in on her family if “the worst thing” happens to her. Meredith and Heather roll up to Jen’s multi-room hotel room, and it seems as if it’s a branding moment for Brooks Marks, as they are all wearing his sweatsuits and leggings.

With only two days until trial, Seth takes Meredith and Heather out, and they begin talking about what is impending for Jen. Seth reminds us that Coach is also having a tough time. Coach is stressed, especially as he goes through the long list of witnesses set for the trial. Heather states that “the worst fear is not only that she will be found guilty, but will have to serve.”

Meredith clarifies that “nobody is disputing that the scheme happened, but the question is in Jen’s involvement.” Meredith calls it a “major, major trial,” and Seth poses a question to the ladies: Has anyone ever asked Jen if she is guilty of these charges? Heather responds that she will support Jen in whatever path she will take. After all, “You believe the people you love.” OK, Heather.

Later, Jen shares that the hardest part for her is learning that Stuart, her old assistant, has turned on her. Jen calls him an “evil motherf*cker” who played her. Once Stuart pled guilty, Jen was able to see everything that was going on behind her back to lessen his sentence. Even Heather, her ride-or-die, is finding it hard to believe that Stuart was the one running the scheme unbeknownst to Jen. Jen shares that it is hard to trust people and Meredith’s face says, ‘yes, just like I am having trouble trusting you.’

Jen wishes to “tell the public” so much, and when the producer asks, “Are you ready to tell us the real story now,” I am screaming: Make. It. Happen.

On July 11, Jen Shah pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. (On January 6, she was sentenced to 6.5 years.)

Back in SLC, Lisa and Heather meet to discuss the reality of Jen’s trial. Lisa is shocked to find out who the real Jen is, and Heather explains that she is “overwhelmed with grief.”  The ladies lament the children who will be without their mother, and from the transcript, Jen knew that what she was doing was wrong. Heather thinks that when Jen realized she couldn’t get away with it, her story changed. So, what made Jen decide not to fight?

Heather, Miss Ride or Die herself, has a theory. The same Heather who won’t say who gave her the black eye (*cough* Jen) is implicating Coach. Heather believes that Coach discovered what Jen was doing and couldn’t explain it away. Heather further guesses that one of the witnesses was a smoking gun, and therefore, the Shahs knew there was no other way out. Heather repeats that Jen is guilty as Lisa tries to squeeze a tear from her eye.  The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City will never be the same again…