‘Southern Hospitality’ Mia Alario Slams Shep Rose For Hitting on Her, Shades Him as “Geriatric,” Plus Why She Told Taylor About Alleged Incident

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Mia Alario Shares Why She Told Taylor Ann Green about Shep Rose Allegedly Hitting on Her, Shades Him as “Geriatric” and Suggests She's Young Enough to Be His Daughter

Credit: Bravo, NBC Universal

Mia Alario opened up about her alleged encounter with Southern Charm star Shep Rose, which purportedly took place when he was still in a relationship with girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.

Back in December, an insider named the Southern Hospitality castmate as the woman who Shep reportedly tried to kiss.

Shep was allegedly too drunk to remember it, and Taylor had to drag him out of the bar. The event seemingly led to the couple’s breakup, which was discussed in the season finale. In the past, Shep admitted to kissing an ex-girlfriend in a stairwell. But Taylor forgave him and decided to stay in the relationship.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Mia revealed Shep’s alleged come-on.

After stating that he indeed hit on her, Mia threw shade at his age, saying she didn’t have experience in “geriatric work” or “senior care.”

She also found it “interesting” that he “approached me,” as she’s the type of person to “tell your girlfriend.” Mia then explained that this is what she did.

“If my boyfriend was going around Charleston acting like that, I would need somebody to tell me,” said Mia, who called it a “service.”

On Instagram, Mia also reacted to a fan who addressed the situation.

“She is young enough to be his daughter,” wrote @daniellehint06 in a screenshot shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram.

Mia responded, “Literally.”