Ramona Singer Suggests Her Persona on RHONY Wasn’t Real and Shares if She Misses Show, Plus Daughter Avery Talks Wild New Business Venture

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Ramona Singer Reveals if She Misses RHONY, Says Her Personality Was "On Steroids" While Filming Show, Plus Daughter Avery Reveals New Business Venture

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The Real Housewives of New York City alum Ramona Singer says she doesn’t miss her life as “The Ramona-coaster” after serving as a full-time cast member for 13 consecutive seasons of the show.

After an infamously horrific and controversy-marred season 13 of RHONY, Bravo effectively fired the entire cast, including Ramona. They opted instead to reboot the franchise with an entire new ensemble of prolific New York ladies.

Previously, Ramona claimed that it was she who chose to step away from the hit Bravo show. However, she has since confirmed that she was not asked back after the network massively overhauled the franchise.

“Bravo made the unilateral decision to get rid of everybody,” Ramona told The Daily Mail. “Just dismiss all of us with it.”

Now, Romana says she’s stress free and enjoying her time away from cameras, living as her authentic self.

“I can control my own narrative and, you know, I’m happier now and actually I’m calmer,” Ramona told the outlet. “I don’t miss it at all. It was a great experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Ramona continued by explaining that she’s “worked [her] whole life,” and filming RHONY wasn’t the easiest job in the world compared to her new career as a budding real estate agent.

“I’m 60 something now, I worked hard my whole life,” she told the news outlet. “It’s time for me just to enjoy myself. And doing the show is not easy. I mean, people think it’s easy. Very stressful, very stressful.”

Famous for her “Singer stinger,” Ramona confessed that she amped up her personality for the cameras, attributing her impressive tenure on RHONY to her ability to “create [drama].”

“Was that the real me? Not really. Was it me on steroids? Absolutely,” she claimed.

Ramona’s daughter, Avery Singer, also appeared alongside her mom in the interview. She recently announced her new business venture, BachBoss, a bachelor and bachelorette party planning service.

RHONY audiences watched Avery, now 27, grow up on the show, starting at the young age of 11. She has since grown into an extremely successful business mogul.

Avery maintains that she never wanted to go the normal way of other nepotism babies and becomes “Instagram famous” or “ride off my mom’s coattails.”

“I’ve always kind of been on my own path. My mom taught me to be financially independent and I’ve always seen her kind of hustle and be entrepreneurial with the show,” Avery admiringly spoke of Ramona.

Avery attributes Ramona’s divorce from her father, Mario Singer, which was prominently featured on RHONY, for inspiring her love of event planning.

“The silver lining of my parents getting divorced is I’ve now done mother-daughter trips and father-daughter trips. We go to countries or cities we’ve both never been before and I just show up like a whole itinerary of where we’re staying, what we’re doing,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ramona couldn’t be happier for her daughter’s success, and she says she always wanted to instill a healthy work ethic in Avery.

“I am proud of her because the one thing I always want to instill in her is to be financially independent,” the Pinot Grigio winemaker said. “Love what you do, and money will come, and nothing is better than being able to work for yourself.”

Looking to the future, Ramona sees nothing but blue skies ahead.

“I’m very blessed. I’m very blessed with life … with everything,” she said. “I really am very blessed, and I’ve been living a very full life. And you know what? I plan to live to 100 and just die in my sleep healthy.”