EXCLUSIVE: Paige DeSorbo Talks Long Distance Relationship With Craig, Summer House Season 7 Newbies, Her Favorite Aspect About Podcast and Her New GLOSSLAB Collaboration

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EXCLUSIVE: Paige DeSorbo Talks Long Distance Relationship With Craig, Summer House Season 7 Newbies, Her Favorite Aspect About Podcast and Her New GLOSSLAB Collaboration

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Paige DeSorbo addressed her long-distance relationship with Craig Conover, and teased new castmates on Summer House season seven. The fashion expert also shared her secret to styling a chic outfit on a budget, and revealed her new Valentine’s Day collection with GLOSSLAB.

The Summer House season seven trailer teases an intense scene with the power couple. At one point in the scene, the New Yorker tells her Charleston-dwelling boyfriend, “You’re making it seem like if I don’t say we should get engaged in six months, that you’re gonna be pissed off at me.” As of now, the details of their discussion are still a mystery, as viewers wait anxiously for the season premiere.

Speaking exclusively with Reality Blurb, Paige addressed her long-distance relationship with Craig.

Long distance really works for us,” said the star. “I think people assume that because we are long distance, we don’t see each other a lot, but fortunately we are able to travel back and forth to one another easily. I love getting out of the city, but there is nothing I love more than arriving back to NYC!”

Though she calls Manhattan home, Paige spends summer weekends in the Hamptons with her costars. Teasing the show’s newcomers, the castmate expressed, “The newbies were a great addition to the house. It’s always fun to have new energy! I have made some of my best friends while filming Summer House, so I am always excited to meet the newbies!”

In addition to her fame on television, Paige is an expert in the fashion industry – and told us her secret to styling a chic outfit on a budget. “There is so much fashion content on Instagram and TikTok that it can be overwhelming for everyone! I think the key to dressing well and doing it on a budget is staying true to your own personal style,” shared Paige. “If I see a girl on the street and I love her outfit, I will try and recreate it from pieces that I already have in my closet, rather than buying something new. The saying is true that you really don’t need a new outfit for every event…although it’s hard to stick to that!”

Of her many talents, Paige is also a co-host of the “Giggly Squad” podcast, which is touring across the U.S. in live shows. The star was asked if she ever expected this level of success.

“I think whenever you start something new you always hope it will be a success, but you never truly know what will happen,” she explained. “I am just so grateful that I get to travel with my [co-host and] best friend and connect with so many women across the country on topics we all go through and want to discuss with our friends. I’m so proud of the community we have built and can’t believe I get to call it my job.”

Paige revealed her favorite aspect of the podcast: “Being able to do it with my best friend. I’ve learned so much from Hannah [Berner] about performing on a stage and feel so lucky to share this experience with her.”

The host added, “I love that all of our Gigglers feel so connected to each other and can’t tell you how much it means to read messages about the happy moments in their lives, and also the hard times that Giggly Squad has helped them through. That is the most rewarding part.”

Addressing her new Valentine’s Day collection with nail studio GLOSSLAB, Paige shared, “I have been working with GLOSSLAB for a few years now, and what really got me hooked was how fast and efficient the whole experience is. Knowing that I can get a manicure and pedicure done in less than an hour and not have to plan my whole day around getting my nails done truly is amazing.”

Of the collection, her favorite color is “pink of course,” as she loves “anything that’s really girly.”

“When I was younger, I went through a Tomboy phase that I think lasted one week,” said the star. “I love anything pink and pretty! … This collab is so authentic and truly me. I love pampering myself with a mani and pedi every week and genuinely appreciate how easy GLOSSLAB makes it to walk in, sit down, and get both done at the same time.”

Season seven of Summer House premieres February 13 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.