RHONY’s Dorinda Medley Denies Being Escorted Out of Luann’s Cabaret Show After Source Claims She Was Over Alleged Rowdy Behavior, and Shares Update on Their Friendship

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RHONY’s Dorinda Medley Denies Being Escorted Out of Luann’s Cabaret Show After Alleged Drunken Behavior and Shares Update on Their Friendship

Dorinda Medley denied she was escorted out of Luann de Lesseps cabaret performance after allegedly screaming at waiters and staff while her former co-star was performing.

During the show, the Real Housewives of New York castmates gave an update on their friendship, and Luann called Erika Jayne her “least favorite” Housewife. For many years, Dorinda and Luann feuded over Dorinda’s previous comment about Luann’s former arrest. She also heckled Luann in a past performance, repeatedly yelling “Jovani!” from the audience.

According to a source speaking to @queensofbravoplus on Instagram, an allegedly “wasted” Dorinda made a scene at Luann’s performance.

“She arrived and welcomed a full spectacle and was helping the crowd get pumped up by encouraging them to sing and dance in the aisle,” wrote the source. “She was clearly wasted by the end and was heard screaming at waiters, staff, and other guests, even while Lu was performing.”

The source claimed the “crazy” incident resulted in Dorinda being “escorted out for her bad behavior [and] she was seen outside waiting for a cab clearly unable to walk without assistance.”

The same IG account uploaded a video with audio of Dorinda allegedly arguing with the staff.

“Bulls**t! I don’t care!” Dorinda allegedly exclaimed, mentioning something about “money,” and adding, “we’re good!”

Dorinda later shared a live video reacting to the allegations.

“Escorted out — no, I wasn’t escorted out,” she said, via @queensofbravoplus. “I left. No, I left because I was tired. No, I stayed the whole time. I wasn’t escorted out.”

She then added, seeming to remember, “Oh they, no, Carl got me a car, cause they always do that. They escort me in and escort me out … I went home. Carl got me an Uber.”

Before the purported incident, Dorinda and Luann shared an update on their friendship in front of the audience.

Dorinda explained she can sometimes be “b**chy,” but she and Luann talk on the phone every morning while drinking coffee.

“So after all this s**t that’s gone on, after all everything that we’ve gone through, we have gone through far before that because we love each other,” said Dorinda into a mic as the audience cheered.

“I love you,” responded Luann, and then the former enemies hugged.

The IG account also showed footage of Luann calling Erika her “least favorite” Housewife.

“She’s mean,” declared Luann. “She’s a mean woman.”