RHOP Reunion Recap: Candiace Blasts Gizelle as New DM From Chris is Revealed, Ashley Admits to Falling in Love With Luke and Shares Prenup Status, Plus Mia Explains Demise of Business

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 RHOP Reunion Recap: Candiace Blasts Gizelle as New DM From Chris is Revealed, Ashley Admits to Falling in Love With Luke and Shares Prenup Status, Plus Mia Explains Demise of Business

We have finally arrived at the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion! Will all the pots that got stirred this season be able to be put on simmer, or will they boil over? Let us check the temperature of this RHOP friend group, shall we?

We now get from Robyn what she should have shared last season about Juan’s mysterious friend. They show the “Reasonably Shady” podcast between Gizelle and Robyn, where they discussed the woman that Juan was involved with. Robyn decides to monetize the specific information on this woman through Patreon. We then see the WWHL where Andy went after Robyn and her refusal to show her true reality on the show.

The ladies are primped and ready to roll on a set with a Miami backdrop. The most important thing to discuss is the blue hues of fashion! Based on the RB poll, here are the rankings for all the ladies. Candiace is first with her feathery designed gown. Robyn is second with a gown that accentuates her curves — but looks matronly. Gizelle surprisingly came in third with her high neck (to distract Candiace from insulting her turkey neck) gown with gloves. Ashley came in fourth with her barely-there two-piece dress that she used for her sugar baby pictures.

Our Grande Dame Karen comes in fifth with her plunging neckline and high slit — she’s trying too hard to look younger. Jacqueline is sixth with an off-the-shoulder gown, which is flattering on her. Wendy comes in seventh with her peacock ensemble. Charrisse comes in eight with her Barbie ponytail and side cut-out gown which causes her rolls to come out the sides. Mia comes in last with her swollen cleavage bursting out of her gown.

Andy is chatting with all the ladies and trying to gauge the temperature of the room. He asks their feelings on the seating, and they find it rather random. The producers have chosen the seat assignments along with his input. Andy admits that it was really a challenge to figure out a seating solution for this dysfunctional group.

Juan is not coming to the reunion since he is needed to help out a stranger at a hotel. Chris will be attending to obviously clear his name. Gizelle is dating Jason from Winter House, and they do make a beautiful couple. Robyn is a married woman, but she is gloating and has no business doing so. Karen is yawning big time after hearing this, and I love how production caught that while Robyn is talking. Andy tells Candiace she is going to be blasted on social media with her “Cookie Monster” look.

Andy congratulates Ashley on her new home. Michael must give an hour’s notice if he wants to stop in and see the kids. Ashley gets asked about Luke from Summer House and what led to their demise. She admits that Michael had some boundary issues while she was dating Luke. Michael dropped the kids off early, so Luke had to leave early. Luke advised her to have stricter house rules, and she admits she was falling in love with him. He did have some young balls, which Candiace had recommended that she shop around for this time. Andy thinks that Michael might feel impotent seeing how hot Luke is. Michael might want Luke for himself…

Ashley says the prenup did not work in her favor. She will not be entitled to anything he owned prior to the marriage. Ashley also will not get anything from new ventures if the sourced funds came from his previously owned business. She is not entitled to alimony or any lump sum payout. Ashley is getting child support and a house out of this marriage. She will get spousal support if she has any financial difficulties. Ashley can file for divorce in February since it will finally be a year. Side note: Michael got the last laugh since he had a hot young wife for many years. Ashley was expecting some combat pay for sleeping with that old dusty troll.

Ashley admits that once she had children she was no longer interested in having threesomes. Mia gets asked about her commitment to monogamy. She said having kids did change her life, but she knew that she had to keep adding ladies and gents to their bed so she could keep Gordon. I just threw up in my mouth with that visual ????.

Ashley said Candiace was the least accomplished last season. She must eat her words now that she is still relying on Michael. Candiace finds it ironic how she got shamed for living with her mom. She was maligned because of her generational wealth.

Mia’s season of health issues and the convoluted details she provided are highlighted. She got diagnosed with a skin rash after a season of almost being at death’s door. Mia is on medication (aren’t we all on something) since she has a growth and may need a hysterectomy. Andy asks her if she is having all these issues because of her augmentations and injectables. Good question, Andy!

Wendy gets called out for her hot mic moment where she said Mia was a liar. She explains she owned her mistake on social media. Mia thinks that Wendy is a snake to be nice to her face and then call her a liar about having cancer. She suggests that Eddie was an opportunistic husband filming her on the gurney in the hospital. Side note: Mia is grasping at straws with this one. Eddie never came across as a thirsty husband, but I do believe that Wendy wanted him to film her so she could get some attention and sympathy. The last thing I wanted when I had stones was a camera in my face when I was in pain. Just saying…

Andy asks Mia about her business and its present status. He thought that Mia was the CEO and owned 40% of the company. Mia first struggles while trying to explain the members of the board, and she gets annoyed when the other ladies snicker when she cannot seem to count the members. She mentions that they are just going to sell their shares. Mia mentions the brothers are not in agreement with how the money is spent.

Gizelle then inquires if there was a “bit of embezzlement” because they were taking from the company and using those funds for the rental house and its renovation. She wants to know if that was why they were cut off from that bank account. Side note: Who puts that amount of cash into a rental property?

Mia admits that she had to move out of her house, and they are living on their savings. She was renting several homes, and she seems geographically challenged about their location. Mia is renting a penthouse now. She would not change anything about her behavior this season and has no regrets. While they were breaking, Gizelle asks Andy if he has ever been with a woman, and he says he would like to be able to try that. She offers herself up for that if he was interested, but he reminds her of their employer/employee relationship.

Candiace and her IVF journey are rehashed, and they discuss the challenges that she dealt with this season. She has six embryos now from her egg retrieval, and this brings her to grab her triangle of tissue. Gizelle mentions that she got a DM from Chris where he apologized if he made her uncomfortable. She takes it as an admission of guilt. Candiace said that was sent before they watched the season back and heard that she called Chris a sneaky link. She thinks that Gizelle is used to getting male attention and has pretty girl syndrome. Candiace thinks she used this storyline for a paycheck. Gizelle attempts to apologize to Candiace for the sneaky link comment, but Candiace is not accepting this half-a*s apology.

Robyn then bizarrely says a married man should not be in a hotel room with a single woman. Is she talking to Juan right now? Andy cannot understand why Gizelle was concerned about being alone with men and thinks her reasoning is archaic. Candiace calls Gizelle the ringleader who likes to destroy families and married couples. Gizelle says she was not going to say anything until she heard that Ashley got a DM from him. Wendy found it suspicious that she brought this to light when they were filming. Candiace thought Gizelle and her dwindling uterus were just not newsworthy, and Gizelle needed a storyline. BOOM!

Next week, Jacqueline is coming out locked and loaded with receipts. Have a happy Monday, and see you all tomorrow in Jersey!