Below Deck Recap: Capt Sandy Fires Alissa as Guest’s Request Pushes Chef Rachel and Interior Crew to Their Wit’s End, Plus Captain Lee Shares Big News With Sandy

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Below Deck: Captain Sandy Fires Another Crew Member- Can Fraser Prove He Deserves to be Chief Stew? Plus, Captain Lee Shares Some Big News

On this episode of Below Deck, Captain Sandy ain’t playing. She seems to be getting rid of all the weak links, or in this case, the insubordinate, rude, disrespectful stew. In the ultimate power move, Captain Sandy calls Alissa to the bridge WITH Ross as a witness. Alissa’s, “Yes, Sandy. I mean, Captain,” comment is going to come back to haunt her in a BIG way…

Captain Sandy means business. She fires a shocked Alissa, and Ross is there to help kick her off escort her off the boat. Doesn’t look like many of the crew are surprised to hear this news, and Alissa is continuing to claim she “really didn’t do anything.” Not a good look. Alissa believes she is the “scapegoat” for all of Captain Sandy’s anger, and she only shows emotion when she says goodbye tearfully to Fraser.

Captain Sandy calls an emergency meeting with the interior. She believes that by cutting Alissa out, things will run more smoothly. Fraser looks like he is about to have a panic attack now that he is two crew members down, but he is ready to show Captain Sandy that he can run the boat (and not just sh*t talk).

Fraser meets with Captain Sandy to try and reset. Deep down, Captain knows he can do a good job, but she also needed to show what a lack of respect can do to a crew member.

OF COURSE Ben phones Camille to let him know the newest tea: Alissa has been fired #justiceforCamille. Siiiiiike. Ben explains that he is still head over heels for Alissa, and they are planning a trip to the DR together. Cuz ya know, this is absolutely a realistic long-distance relationship to try and maintain.

As the crew prepares for charter number seven, the stakes are high, and the pressure is on. A gaggle full of queens make their way aboard, donning their pageant regalia. Looks like the crew better buckle up. Chef Rachel knows that the dietary restrictions coming from this group require her full attention, and we all know that she has been having a rough season, so she better bring her A-game.

They head out as soon as all three carts full of luggage get loaded on board, and the games begin. The only male guest, John, waltzes in with a banana hammock on, and everyone can’t help but stare. As usual, Rachel is behind schedule in the kitchen, but that might have something to do with a guest named LaQuisha asking for a turkey sandwich (which, btw, she doesn’t touch, and yes, I’m keeping score).

Proof that money doesn’t buy you class, these guests are getting hungry and getting loud. Rachel eventually serves them a delish meal, and luckily, the guests are whisked off for water toys after lunch.

Over a crew meal, Ben asks Katie what her plan is with Ross once they get off the boat. Thankfully, Katie knows that there’s zero chance of keeping that sex addict locked down. I guess only time will tell…

As the queens eat their meal, they talk about their personal lives while trying to balance their literal crowns. We learn that John was married to a woman not too long ago and that his wife had an affair with her boss. John shares that he found out that his daughter was not his biological daughter (thanks, boss!). But that moment in his life led him to where he is now: Papa John — on a yacht, preparing to surprise his lady friends with a drag show… something that Ross is naturally excited about since he is “all for dressing up and role play” (of COURSE you are, Ross).

We learn that Tyler, the newest stew, went to a private Methodist high school, and watching John the guest be so proud to be himself has given Tyler the guts to come out to his parents.

The night wraps up, and LaQuisha is starting to push Fraser’s buttons. She asks for a Sprite and a turkey sandwich wrapped up so she can bring it to her room (a late-night snack?). This is a total flex move, and Fraser knows she doesn’t even actually want this food right now. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be bringing a sammy to bed, but who am I to judge? And it turns out that LaQuisha also cannot sleep in her own personal room. WTF. Instead, she comes parading into the salon demanding a sheet, warm milk, and a back rub.  Kidding…about some of the stuff.

The next morning, the wind is a huge factor in the day’s plans. So is LaQuisha’s behavior. She reminds Fraser that she would enjoy a 24-karat gold steak (WHY), but Chef Rachel brushes off her request and manages to pump out breakfast. Fraser is stressing about the weather and the guests’ preference sheets. Because of the forecast, Fraser comes in with the only option for the guests. They will stay ON BOARD and hold Olympics games, with the deck crew partaking in the events. They even come up with witty team names, like “Team Two in the Pink (OMG),” since the uniform is a pink speedo.

The interior seems a bit lighter after Alissa exited, and even Fraser admits that he has to thank Captain Sandy for making that tough decision. But they do not know that Captain Sandy is in the midst of getting a new stew on board… sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

As the day wears on, the usual issues come up. LaQuisha is “at it again,” according to Fraser (just give her a turkey sandwich…), and the interior is doing the best they can to clean guest quarters’ while they are busy dining. As Hayley and Tyler joke about the disarray the room is in, one of the guests walks in on them. Busted. Awkward. Cringey. Secondhand embarrassment. All of the above. Let’s hope that the guest doesn’t hear well, otherwise, Hayley is next on the chopping block.

In other (more important) news, Captain Lee has something important to share with Captain Sandy. He is COMING BACK! Captain Lee’s doctor cleared him, and he is heading back to the boat. According to Captain Sandy, Captain Lee is coming back to a slimmed-down crew that is running much more smoothly than the way he left it before. Only time will tell if he agrees with that…