Summer House’s Danielle Olivera Opens Up About Split From Robert Sieber and Shares Reason for “Emotional” Breakup

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REPORT: Summer House Star Danielle Olivera Confirms Split from Robert Sieber After Two Years of Dating, As She Reveals Reasons Behind the "Emotional" BreakupSummer House star Danielle Olivera has confirmed that she and her chef boyfriend of two years, Robert Sieber, have broken up.

Rumors have been swirling for some time now that the former couple was on the rocks. However, Danielle says she didn’t comment on the rumors because she was still reeling from the split, and it was still “too emotional” for her.

“The rumors were kind of going out there … I haven’t confirmed anything publicly … because I didn’t know how to say it then,” Danielle recently told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m in a much better place now — it’s still emotional — but mentally, I’m like getting there.”

Danielle and Robert have steadfastly supported one another throughout their relationship, but fans began to speculate that the relationship was in danger after the two stopped posting together on social media in 2022. They eventually unfollowed each other completely.

Danielle says the two officially split back in November and cited “bubbling and bursting” communication issues as the reason for the breakup.

“It happened, like, right before Thanksgiving, just so happens right before he came out here to Aspen for the season,” Danielle explained. “It was just one of those things where we weren’t communicating very well.”

Robert’s career also played a contributing role in the couple’s decision to call it quits. Danielle says Robert’s professional life became his top “priority.”

“You know, he’s just going through it at work, and that is his priority. And he, you know, he said he couldn’t make me happy anymore, and so that’s where you can just like… oh, God …That’s where it ended,” she told the outlet through tears.

Danielle maintains that she was “obsessed” with Robert throughout the filming of season seven of Summer House, but things began to crumble after filming ended.

“He’ll be on the show, I mean. We don’t always get along because I’d miss him so much, but our demise happened after we stopped filming [season seven of Summer House].”

As for where the two stand now, Danielle says things are “a little awkward,” but she expressed that she wants her and Robert “to have a friendship.”

“Obviously, it’s going take a little time,” she said. “But we’ve shared a lot of good times with a lot of people, and neither one of us should suffer because of this.”

Where the two head from here is unclear, but Danielle did say “never say never” on her and Robert giving their relationship another chance. However, she noted that her primary focus right now is herself.

“I’m really just focused on moving forward, getting all the distractions necessary to help me do that,” she concluded. “You know, messaging friends, family, going out — getting a little messy.”