RHOP Reunion 2 Recap: Mia Insinuates Wendy Was Inappropriate With Peter, Andy Calls Out Robyn & Gizelle, and Jacqueline Calls Mia Unhinged, Plus Ladies Address Colorism Claims

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RHOP Reunion Part 2: Mia Insinuates Wendy Slept With Peter, Andy Calls Out Robyn & Gizelle’s Hypocrisy, and Jacqueline Calls Mia Unhinged, Plus Ladies Address Colorism ClaimsWe have arrived at part two of our Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Gizelle is in the hot seat with her cankles held to the fire by Candiace for trying to destroy families this season. Let’s see who gets roasted in this messy episode, shall we?

Candiace is letting Gizelle know in no uncertain terms that she used Chris for a storyline since her dwindling uterus was not interesting enough. Gizelle is sticking to her story that Chris made her feel uncomfortable. Candiace wants to understand why Chris needs to apologize for “what he did to her.” Andy is trying to get Gizelle to be more specific, and she keeps repeating her one-liner. Gizelle blames Candiace for making this bigger than necessary. Candiace asserts that Gizelle made Chris out to be a predator. Mia tries to interject her thoughts, and Candiace shuts her down. Andy tables the discussion when Chris comes out.

Ashley’s friend Deborah is then brought up, and the production footage clearly shows nothing happened. According to Ashley, Deborah stupidly says the editing “did not line up with what he was saying,” which subsequently changed the words Chris had coming out of his mouth. Eddie was targeted because he smiled at Deborah, and if this is borderline cheating, that is absurd. Wendy makes a good point when she says their husbands cannot be polite and friendly without being accused of being inappropriate. Amen.

The moment where Robyn put Candiace’s Instagram rant blasting the fake and disloyal hoes on speaker is rehashed. She felt Candiace was coming for her even though she did not direct her rant to Robyn and Karen, who do have businesses. Robyn then stupidly says, “Everything we do should be on camera.” She is really showing her hypocrisy knowing what she was hiding behind the lens. Production shows us the WWHL, which aired two weeks later, where Robyn is called out for not showing her true reality. Andy says Robyn did not share her reality but used Candiace and Chris for a storyline #truth.

Candiace was not embarrassed for speaking her truth, and she is upset that Robyn did not come to her and ask who her beef was with. She does not understand why people question her friendship with Wendy and Robyn. Wendy wonders why Candiace thought Robyn was more loyal than her. Robyn says they have dynamic relationships, and who is closer to who does not matter.

Gizelle’s season showing her home renovations and debuting her new live show, Reasonably Shady, is profiled. Andy congratulates them on their podcast, and they say they have four million downloads. I would like to know in the comments if any of you Blurbers listen to this drivel?

Andy mentions how Karen had competing businesses with Wendy and Gizelle. Karen maintains that she launched her fragrance almost four years ago and announced the candles were coming next. She felt she was gracious to Wendy when she bought her candles over because she didn’t want to steal her thunder.

Andy asks Karen about the similarity between her show and the Countess and Friends show. She says it is more of a variety show using Carol Burnett as her inspiration. Karen backpedals when Andy thought she was trying to emulate Wendy Williams. She then pivots and invites Andy to a VIP show in Philadelphia, which will be a sold-out show for 300 people according to her. Karen gets a lot of love on social media from her La Dames, and they will rise up when she needs them. She claims Robyn would have fans named “Boring” if she had the same fans. Karen lives in an alternate universe, and I have to admire her delusions of grandeur.

Gizelle shares that she got a lot of support from the viewers over her health issues. Andy asks Gizelle, “How hard was it telling your kids on camera about your surgery?” Gizelle mentioned her bladder was compromised and she had to be kept overnight. Andy inquires about why she does not share her life on the show but expects everyone else to be open and honest. He tries to get her to see the hypocrisy. Andy asks Gizelle about Steve, and she mentions she still sees him. Gizelle says she is seeing Jason from Winter House, and her girls have met him. They have a 16-year age difference, and she proudly said Jason blew the dust off her cookie warmed her up for the reunion.

Wendy’s season is rehashed, with her restaurant venture idea and health issues. She dealt with kidney stones and a removal procedure. Wendy and the beef she had with Peter is rehashed, and they discuss how Mia got involved. She had to change her diet, and she was losing her hair since she had been under so much stress. Andy wonders why Wendy wanted to involve herself in the restaurant business when she clearly has enough on her plate. Wendy really does not have a good answer to that question.

Andy asks Mia about Peter and their relationship, and she claims he is a friend of Gordon. He wants to know why she threw a drink at Wendy. Mia purports that Wendy was spouting nonsense and she lost it. She said she poorly delivered the message from Peter. Wendy reminds Mia that she assaulted her, and you can clearly see how affected Wendy is. Mia basically slanders Wendy by insinuating she slept with Peter — to be able to get restaurant advice??? She said that Wendy had dinner with Peter and intimated that she must have given away her cookie. Please, move on with this nonsense!

Andy asks Robyn why she called Wendy the antagonist instead of Mia during their fight. Robyn says she did not want Wendy to fight on television. She tells Wendy to fight Mia when the cameras are down just like she does with Juan when the hotel bimbo is mentioned. Robyn says that since they were not friends she chose to step aside and thought Karen should have spoken up. Karen did not want to get involved in the fight that Robyn had enabled. Robyn gets called out for the violent incidents she was involved in, especially having Charrisse stop her from attacking Wendy.

Ashley gets called out for defending Monique when she had the violent altercation with Candiace. She said Candiace had support, and Wendy and Monique had no one. Andy calls Gizelle out on the same issue, and she said Candiace got beat up, which is more significant than a martini in her face. IMO, it is criminal to waste good alcohol! Gizelle concludes that since she does not like Wendy, it made it insignificant to her. Wendy gets emotional when she hears these comments. She says she had to stop herself from beating Mia’s a*s. Wendy does admit to showing her vagina as a result of too much tequila after Mia reminds her they did make up for the camera.

Andy mentions the issue of colorism on this show, and he will allow them to discuss it since he is not qualified. Candiace reads the definition and says that she did not think it was an issue with her cast members. She compares herself to Robyn, who has been involved in bad behavior but does not get called out like her due to her lighter skin tone. Gizelle and Robyn are so vapid that it is clear they have no idea what colorism is.

Karen shares her personal experience and tries to correct a wrong by buying the plantation that her family worked on. Ashley acknowledges that she has privilege because she is a lighter-skinned woman, which Candiace appreciates her acknowledging. Andy reminds them that Michelle Obama is watching and will appreciate this conversation.

Jacqueline comes out to join the group to be able to share her story. She has not seen Mia since the end of the season. Mia thinks the season was disappointing, and Jacqueline was devasted to be treated like Mia’s peasant. She was overwhelmed by the support Jacqueline needed. Jacqueline asked her sister to be Mia’s nanny since she did not have familial support. She shares that her family is disgusted with Mia’s behavior after they stepped up and cared for her in the past. Jacqueline calls Mia unhinged and her business in shambles. Mia grabs her sparkly box of receipts to try to rival what Jacqueline has produced, and we are off to the races till next week when the men join them!

Next week, we will have to wait and see what goodies these two have brought to the table. Have a wonderful week, Blurbers, and see you tomorrow in Jersey!