VIDEO: RHOM’s Larsa Pippen is Grilled Over Relationship With Marcus Jordan in Uncomfortable Interview as She Slams Critics and Talks Their 16-Year Age Gap

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VIDEO: RHOM’s Larsa Pippen is Grilled Over Relationship With Marcus Jordan in Uncomfortable Interview as She Slams Critics and Talks Their 16-Year Age Gap

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Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen recently sat down with talk show host Tamron Hall and discussed her relationship with Marcus Jordan. She gave the audience an insight into how their romance came to be, her take on their 16-year age difference, and whether or not she and Marcus have the blessing of Marcus’ father, famed NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

After months of maintaining that she and Marcus were just friends, Larsa explained that their romance bloomed naturally because of their prior friendship, saying that they run “in the same circles” and have “a lot of mutual friends.” (Larsa’s ex-husband is Michael Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen.) She says they randomly met “at an L.A. party.”

“I feel like a lot of people think we’ve known each other our whole lives, but we have not,” Larsa said. “We literally just met at a party four years ago, and we were just friends.”

The RHOM star commented on the two’s vast age difference, saying that contrary to popular belief, they have a lot in common.

“We have everything in common…I don’t really view age as ‘you’re mature or not immature.’ I don’t, like, think age determines your level of maturity.”

When Tamron asked why Larsa would choose to date Marcus when his father Michael and her ex-husband, Scottie, have a complicated and contentious past, Larsa said that she “couldn’t really explain why.” She added that Scottie has a “right” to feel however he does about the situation.

“I can’t basically explain how Scottie feels,” Larsa explained. “I, personally, don’t care how other people [feel]. I live my truth, I’m happy. I feel like we [Marcus and I] get along and I feel like we have a lot in common.”

The reality star continued by saying, “You know, being married to an athlete you get scrutinized a lot. People don’t think you should have a life after you get divorced. They think you’re done. I feel like I should have love, I should be able to date who I want. I should be able to live happily and go wherever I want to go and not be judged every time I’m seen with someone.”

Larsa stated that she “didn’t plan” on dating Marcus despite what people think, and she and Marcus have his family’s blessing and have even been “hanging out.”

Larsa also shared that she doesn’t “really want to talk about” Marcus’ famous family too much, but she added that “our families are great” and they have “spent holidays together.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Larsa also touched on her RHOM co-star Guerdy Abraira accusing her of being the “fakest” Housewife. She believes her accusation stems from the fact that she hasn’t been able to show a lot of her family or relationship on the show.

Larsa stated that the accusations are nonsense as she “wasn’t even dating Marcus last year on the show.” However, he will more than likely be seen in the upcoming season, noting that Marcus “signed up” for the show when the two started dating.

As for her children not filming for RHOM, Larsa says that though she would like for them to appear, it’s ultimately their choice.

“I feel like I’ve showed all of my life. I think they expect my kids to be on the show more. But my kids are superstars. My kids are all busy and I don’t want them to feel like they have to be on the show … I’d for love them to be on the show, but I don’t necessarily put pressure on them. It’s my thing, it’s my career, not theirs,” Larsa concluded.