RHOP Reunion Part 3 Recap: Chris and Candiace Blast Gizelle as Karen Confronts Charrisse Over Allegations, Plus Robyn Addresses Juan’s Affair and Shares Prenup Update

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RHOP Reunion 3 Recap: Mia and Jacqueline face off and Chris confronts Gizelle over her accusation Plus Candiace calls Gizelle "garbage with no soul" and claims she used her white skin privilege!

We are back for the last episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion! We will finally get to see Chris confront Gizelle, and Mia will also be facing off with Jacqueline to see who brought the best bedazzled receipts! Let’s see who is the best recordkeeper, shall we?

Mia, with her bedazzled box of shade, and Jacqueline are back to continue their discussion on who is the better friend. Jacqueline believes that Mia is unhinged and thinks she is projecting what is going on in her own life onto her. She then declares that Gordon was the CEO of the company — not Mia. She may not have a bedazzled box, but she has packed all her necessary ammo.

Jacqueline proves that Mia was not spending Mother’s Day with her mom. She reminds her that Gordon has been trying to find Mia when she is on the prowl because he does not trust her. Mia decides to not show her evidence when she recognizes that Jacqueline will be a formidable opponent. Jacqueline says she did not start the rumors about sleeping with Gordon. They both deny being anything more than best friends or sisters.

Andy wants to know why Mia outed Jacqueline about sleeping with married men. She admits that was a retaliatory comment when pressed for evidence. Mia says that Jacqueline told her she needs more d*ck, which she took as shaming Gordon, who had prostate issues and could not perform sexually. Mia is proud that she at least admits to sleeping with married men.

Jacqueline shames Mia for not having a home and has receipts for the Porsche. Mia asserts that Jacqueline started that story because she needed a storyline. Jacqueline is not willing to be Mia’s underling. Mia stupidly believes since Gordon encouraged Jacqueline to get an EIN, she should thank them for recognizing her ability to be an entrepreneur. She is really an awful friend. I hope Jacqueline is back next season and Mia is out. Wendy, who is gleeful watching this nasty tennis match, shouts out to Jacqueline when she is leaving to send her the receipts. Side note: Mia is changing her tune in real-time doing damage control.

Karen, who has been yawning and looking bored this reunion, now has to face Charrisse, whose dress resembles a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos (thanks Prycer for this description). Production could have put up that sketch in Karen’s seat since she was so disengaged. Karen asserts that no one understands her journey of grief. She refuses to answer questions about her mother’s funeral. Karen then starts filing her nails while Charrisse talks to show how insignificant Cha Cha is to her.

Andy then defends Charrisse for coming on the show and says she was asked to rejoin it. Robyn starts defending Charrisse since everyone loves her — except for Karen and Wendy. Charrisse claims she was silent until Karen was dissing her. Karen is disgusted with Charrisse’s claims that she was sexually inappropriate. She wants to sue the person who told that story about her banging a restaurant employee in the bathroom. She says Charrisse insinuated prostitution, and our Grande Dame is not having it. Mia says that the person who is making this claim against Karen is a family member, and she will not out them. Robyn says she does not get rumors from the blogs when pressed on her allegations about Karen.

Robyn and her journey to the altar with Juan is profiled. She says Juan does not watch the show but likes when Robyn comes home drunk after partying with the girls. Andy asks Robyn about her wedding, and she is glad her parents were there. Juan did sign the prenup, so they get 50/50 when they divorce. Andy asks if the fidelity clause is in there, and the fool did not put it in. Robyn thinks she could be setting herself up. Side note: There will be time tacked on to this episode with Robyn’s embarrassing appearance on WWHL.

Karen is called out about her claims that Juan was seeing Karen’s doppelgänger. She does not like the scribble-scrabble sketch that production provided. Robyn wants the same proof that Karen demanded in Miami. She wants photos and numbers, and boy did she get that! Robyn said Juan got mad on the phone over the show drama. Juan thinks it’s ridiculous and to just leave him out of it.

Andy asks Robyn about the allegations that Juan is facing at work, and she defends Juan’s position. Robyn thinks Juan was used as clickbait for this story. She does not understand the judgment and is backing her man.

A fired-up Chris, Eddie, and Gordon are talking backstage about Gizelle’s claims, and they join the ladies on the couch. Andy appreciates how Ray always stands by his wife. Side note: IMHO, Eddie, aka Smiley, is the best-dressed man at this reunion — sorry, Ray, I love you too, but you are not as dapper as Eddie. He lets us know that Wendy has been digging in his pocket for her businesses. Gordon gets emotional talking about Mia’s health concerns. He was worried about how it would affect his kids. Gordon says Jacqueline is like a little sister and he did not have sex with her. Gordon did not have any penetration with Peter’s girlfriend or any of Mia’s friends. Juan is MIA — again — and is not there to support his wife.

Chris is furious he had to go 10 months while being questioned by his family over Gizelle’s claims. Candiace wants the “Guttersnip b*tch ass lying on my family” to face the music. Gizelle does not want to be in the optics of cheating after being married to Pastor Holy Whore.  She says Chris was drinking and denies that he left the door open. Gizelle thought Candiace should know — but waits five months to tell her. Ashley admits she was wrong about Chris’ W Hotel invite.

Chris brings up that he had to listen to everyone, and especially Gizelle, talk about his brown penis with a pink tip. He says, “I’ve never said anything to you about it, so I would never expect an apology from you.” Chris takes offense to Gizelle calling him the sneaky link. Gizelle is willing to now apologize for that comment, but Candiace is not willing to accept it this late in the game. Chris did not want to talk with Gizelle or Ashley at the video party since he wanted Candiace to have her moment. He sent Gizelle a DM and said, “If I did something to make you feel that way I apologize.” Chris admits he did not want to apologize since it makes it look as if he did something wrong.

Candiace then calls Gizelle “garbage with no soul,” and she thinks she used her light skin privilege all season. Wendy tries to get Candiace to calm down since she is now spouting a colorist comment. Candiace does not think that someone with darker skin would have had the same grace Gizelle got. She believes that Gizelle tried to jump on the #MeToo movement and took away from those who were real victims of it.

Wendy gets asked about coochie-gate. She admits they were all showing their goodies, but no one was licking or kissing each other. Wendy reminds them how privileged they all were over seeing her gorgeous coochie, and they were just having good girl fun. Gordon rightfully wonders if production has this on tape because he wants a copy.

Andy asks Ray about the infidelity rumor, and he is upset since it was a nasty season. Ray says the rumor is bullsh*t. Robyn then comes up with a zinger for Karen because she implied Juan sexually assaulted her because he squeezed her. Karen alleges that Juan wanted her to be the number three in the threesome. She thinks Juan needs to keep his hands off women since it is inappropriate. The men are dismissed, and Candiace’s new song is played. The ladies awkwardly dance and toast to their messy season. We then jump ahead two weeks where Juan’s messy behavior was outed…

Andy confronts Robyn on WWHL and initially wanted to celebrate their wedding, but he found this salacious story more interesting. Robyn then tells her bullsh*t story about a woman dating a Baltimore Ravens player and reaching out to Juan to help her with the hotel costs. She believes this preposterous story about how this lady lost her wallet in the casino and cannot pay for her hotel room. Robyn denies that they had an affair, dated, or were physical. She says they talked it through in premarital counseling. Robyn thought since it happened in November 2021 and they started filming in March 2022, it was a non-issue.

Robyn stupidly thinks Karen was going to bring it up, so why should she mention it? Andy tells her she would have had more control of the situation if she controlled the narrative. He finally held her feet to the fire in this episode.

Phew! I am so glad this messy season is over! I hope everyone has a great week, and see you on Thursday for Miami’s reunion!