Below Deck Recap: Ben Finds Himself in Love Triangle With Camille and Leigh-Ann as Ross and Katie Navigate Their Boatmance

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Below Deck Recap: Ben Finds Himself in Love Triangle With Camille and Leigh-Ann as Ross and Katie Navigate Their Boatmance

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It’s a beautiful day in St. Lucia — the sun is shining, the sea is clear, and Captain Lee is back where he belongs! On this episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee is fighting the strong winds, and Ben is fighting the urge to completely forget about Camille now that Leigh-Ann, the new stew, is on board…

Chef Rachel is thrilled to be reunited with Captain Lee, and she even gets emotional seeing him. All seems to be falling in place as the provisions arrive, and the crew is off to the races in preparation for the new guests.

Leigh-Ann shares with Hayley that she has matched on Tinder with Ben, which just makes the plot thicker and more dramatic — just how we like it. Hayley fills Leigh-Ann in on Ben’s current “relationship” status (hi, Camille!), and Leigh-Ann is a bit disappointed to hear that Ben may be off-limits.  Bummer… just when they actually meet in person, too!

According to the preference sheet, this group of guests seems to be a bit demanding, and Fraser is sweating over the new stew’s experience, considering she has been a chief stew longer than he has #powerstruggle. There’s not much time to fret since Captain Lee calls a meeting to thank the (remaining) crew members for sticking it out while he was gone.

The new guests, aka “frat boys,” according to Katie, are here for a good time. Fraser takes them on a tour of the grandiose boat, and Captain Lee is thriving behind the wheel. Rachel calls these guests crazy, considering they have high expectations for a seafood extravaganza, cocktail pairings, and a steel drum. Leigh-Ann is thrown right into the deep end as she is tasked as the bartender for this event. Trying to pair what Rachel is cooking with drinks is daunting, but she is hoping that she can fake it until she makes it.

Ben talks to Katie about how awkward things are now that Leigh-Ann is on board. I mean, he has pictures of this girl on his phone, but he never thought in a million years he would actually meet her IRL! It was *safe* to flirt through the phone, but now that Leigh-Ann is here, it is making things complicated. Ben thinks he will tell Leigh-Ann he is seeing someone else, but when you are in such close quarters with someone you already have a connection with, things can get dangerous.

The guests sit down for their multi-course, booze-fueled seafood meal. Fraser does warn them that they will be consuming excessive drinks, but then they’re in the water right after eating. First, did they digest? Next, aren’t they intoxicated?! SOS.

Leigh-Ann asked to be filled in on the juicy parts of the crew, but we all know she wants to know Ben’s status.  Ben lets Leigh-Ann know about Camille, and Leigh-Ann asks Ben point blank, “Are you sad she left?” To that, Ben tells her yes. I am with Tony — there’s definitely too much sexual tension between the two of them for nothing to happen…

Captain Lee is joining the drunk guests for dinner, and Rachel is excited to “knock his socks off.” Did you know that you can never have a banana on a boat? Also, did you know that the drunker a guest named Angel gets, the ruder he gets by the minute? The stews have about had it with him and have jokingly nicknamed him Satan instead of his real name, Angel.

Everyone is scratching their heads over the sleeping arrangements of this group.  Even Fraser is baffled to hear that the primary is sharing the cabin with his sister-in-law… who, it turns out, isn’t technically his sister-in-law, but rather a good friend of his wife’s. Ya know, the same wife who couldn’t make the trip because she had to stay home and watch the kids. That seems a little fishy, doesn’t it?

In other news, Katie thinks that her fling with Ross is becoming more serious, whereas Ross is just happy to be having sex. Go figure.

As the night wears on, the guests enjoy more and more drinks, and Ben is stuck on the late-night shift with Leigh-Ann. Interesting. After a loooong night, the crew is finally able to crash, but not before Ben sends Leigh-Ann a text saying, “Ahoy. So glad we could finally meet.” Is this the yachty version of, “You up?” Seems like he may be forgetting about Camille for the last few charters…

The next morning, Ross discusses the beach picnic requested by the guests, except the wind is making things terribly difficult. The guests slowly emerge from their quarters and are a bit hungover, which is no surprise considering they were up late boozing.

Fraser has finally learned how to “lead and delegate,” and so he decides to send Leigh-Ann to set up the beach picnic. Leigh-Ann feels like Fraser is simply trying to challenge her as he does not send a canopy over to the beach. Fraser suggests Leigh-Ann get “creative,” which is a slight dig, but a canopy shows up on shore right before the guests arrive.

While working the beach picnic, Katie becomes getting frustrated with Ben’s behavior toward Leigh-Ann. She feels like he is not being honest with her about Camille. Sounds like he needs to start sharing more about himself.

Back on the boat, we learn a little bit about Hayley’s boyfriend, and we learn more about Tyler’s background. He calls his father emotionless and states that he is very traditional in his thoughts. Translation: He asks Tyler if he has a girlfriend, a topic he has yet to broach with his father.

Captain Lee feels as though the crew is very “cohesive” and that they are all getting along famously. He gives props to Captain Sandy for holding it down while he got better.

Despite the wind, the beach picnic is seemingly going well. The guests are playing game after game, and Ben continues to flirt with Leigh-Ann back on board, even though he calls Camille “babe” and is going to the Dominican Republic with her.

Leigh-Ann explains that she has chatted with Ben for over a year and lets the viewers know that she is the type of girl who goes after what she wants. Watch out, Camille! Ben refers to Leigh-Ann as “another temptation” and promises her that they will have some fun tomorrow night when they are not working. Leigh-Ann warns that Ben better be ready, considering she is all in, and it appears like nothing, not even Camille, can stop her.