Source Claims Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green Thought About Dating After Hookup, Shares Why Taylor Didn’t Go Through With Relationship

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Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green Almost Began Dating After Hooking Up Amid Southern Charm Season Nine Filming, Source Alleges

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

There must be something in the Bravo waters because these inter-cast hookups are getting messy.

As news recently broke that Southern Charm star, Taylor Ann Green, hooked up with cast mate (and ex-boyfriend Shep Rose’s best friend) Austen Kroll after last season’s reunion, new sources are revealing that though insiders claim the interaction was merely a fling, and they “only made out,” the pair seriously thought about taking their friendship “to the next level.”

“They thought about dating and took time to think about [it] for a quick sec, talked to their family about it,” a source close to production told PEOPLE. “But at the end of the day, Taylor said it wasn’t worth losing Olivia [Flowers’] friendship if she and Austen didn’t work, and she was at a low point after [the] reunion.”

As Southern Charm fans know, Austen and Olivia dated for nearly six months before breaking things off. As cameras have begun rolling for season nine, the source alleges that Olivia knew about the hookup and has even filmed scenes addressing the incident.

Taylor Ann, who is super close with Olivia, apparently didn’t put too much stock into how she and Austen’s tryst would affect her friend as the source says, “Austen and Taylor were close before they even knew Olivia existed. And Olivia and Austen were never in a relationship.”

Adding, “Olivia wanted a relationship, but Austen never fully committed,”

As for Shep, who infamously has monogamy issues, he “didn’t seem to care” about Austen hooking up with his ex, despite Austen previously stating that he would never “cross lines” with Taylor Ann. Granted, Shep and Taylor Ann did not end their relationship on the best of terms.

During the season eight reunion, Taylor Ann famously screamed at Shep for allegedly sleeping with “over 300 wh*res” and “multiple women in Texas” right after their split.

The two seemingly made up while attending BravoCon 2022.

“I apologize for jumping down your throat,” Taylor told Shep. “There’s a lot of love. I recognize the person sitting [here] today.”

Southern Charm season nine is expected to air sometime later this year.