Below Deck Recap: Ben and Leigh-Ann Finally Hook Up, Ross and Katie Define Their Relationship and Chef Rachel Reaches Her Breaking Point

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Below Deck Recap: Ben and Leigh-Ann Finally Hook Up, Ross and Katie Define the Future of Their Relationship and Chef Rachel Reaches Her Breaking Point

On this episode of Below Deck, things get messy, and I don’t just mean the drunken cake fight caused by some of the interior crew. Ross and Katie cannot seem to get on the same page about their “relationship,” and Ben tries to resist the urge to make a move on Leigh-Ann because of Camille. By the end of the season, will Ben be asking, “Camille who??”

Captain Lee checks in with Ross and Fraser. We learn that the guests are looking to turn the yacht into “Club St. David” (ooph), and so the crew is definitely in for a real treat, I am sure. Chef Rachel is excited to prepare Japanese food and is hopeful that she can get out of her own head and remember what Captain Sandy reminded her: it is more about the quality of the food than the quantity.

Hayley is continuing to be a supportive colleague for Tyler as he is struggling with whether to come out to his mother. And we are seeing more of Ross’s true colors come out when it comes to his “relationship” with Katie. Ross doesn’t feel like he sees “a long-term future” with Katie, but somebody better give Katie a heads up — the girl seems head over heels.

The terror guest of the charter, Angel, has fallen asleep on the inflatable trampoline, and so Captain Lee takes this as the perfect time to pull off a prank. The guests are into it, and it is nice seeing this troll of a guy get his due. Angel gets woken up with a few waves brought to you by Tony on a wave runner, and I bet now Angel wishes he was nicer to the crew, huh?

Later, Rachel begins her dinner service, and as the guests chow down (and enjoy) her creations, Leigh-Ann is off decorating da club for the post dinner party. Since Angel has lost his voice, things are quite enjoyable for the guests and crew.

Hayley appears to be everyone’s cheerleader. She realizes just how much Leigh-Ann is into Ben and suggests that Leigh-Ann jump Ben’s bones despite his relationship (or whatever it is) with Camille.

Side note: Gotta LOL at Bravo for putting the “sister-in-law” guest in quotes. The shade thrown… but really, what sister-in-law stays in their brother-in-law’s room, especially when his wife is not present…?

After dinner, the club pops off.  Everyone is having a good time, crew included. Obviously, Ben grabs Leigh-Ann and flirt-dances with her just enough to keep her guessing about their status. Ben has decided not to tell Camille about Leigh-Ann because “nothing has happened,” but when Ben and Leigh-Ann are left on the late-night shift alone, Leigh-Ann begins to grill him.

Ben lets Leigh-Ann know that he is not dating Camille, but they are seeing each other after the charter season comes to a close. Leigh-Ann is very openly disappointed to hear this news, especially because she has been chatting with Ben for a year and there is a lot of “tension” built up.

It’s the last day of the charter, and we find out two interesting facts. 1. The swell and wind will make this docking difficult, and 2. We learn that Ross tried out for a porn video. He shared that his porn name is Season and that his penis was displayed on the tryout tape. That explains SO much…

As the crew says goodbye to the guests, the primary hands Captain Lee not one but two envelopes — something that definitely grabs the attention of the crew. During the tip meeting, Captain Lee says what everyone is thinking about the envelope: “That’s a fat little f*cker, innit?”

The tip is huge ($40,000 huge), and so the crew erupts in cheers. Hayley seems to think that the primary gave that much to apologize for Angel’s behavior, but no one is questioning it. They are just excited to head out to play before the next charter. Somehow picking up and turning the boat around is much more tolerable after receiving a $3,000 tip!

Captain Lee meets with Rachel, Ross, and Fraser to discuss the final charter. This charter is a one-day charter and the guests are bodybuilders. They want to have a Bun and Guns competition with the crew, and Captain Lee wants the crew to end on a strong note.

Before heading out for the night, Leigh-Ann asks Tyler and Hayley to show her Camille. She is trying to gauge her competition, but she becomes frustrated as she believes Camille is beautiful and hard to beat. Although the crew knows that it is not the brightest idea to rage considering they have the new charter the next morning, that does not stop them from boozing.

Hayley bonds with Fraser and gives him that boost he needs to finish out the season on a high note. And Leigh-Ann shares with Ben that she has been cheated on and she is ready to move on… just dropping some subtle hints, ya know. When dinner wraps up they head to the bar where things start to heat up. In the words of Leigh-Ann: “Boy, get your tongue in my mouth.” Ben explains that is he teasing Leigh-Ann and figures that flirting doesn’t hurt…

Seems like Ross has taken a cue from Ben since he also believes that a little flirting doesn’t hurt anyone. This, in turn, sets Katie off and makes things super awkward. Ross is annoyed that Katie thinks he has to behave more, and he denies that he did anything wrong. While the rest of the crew laughs and jokes around, Katie and Ross are still in the van bickering back and forth.

Fraser grabs Ben and tries to get to the bottom of his feelings. Ben claims he misses Camille, and Fraser’s wingman moves for Leigh-Ann aren’t working. Ben is fighting the temptation as Fraser tells him to “do what’s best.” Speaking of what’s best, can’t we all agree that Ross and Katie just end whatever it is they are?! It feels like they are always fighting! He tells Katie straight up that they aren’t meant to be together since they have tried three to four times, and it always ends the same way.

Tyler is three sheets to the wind, and Hayley is second in line to win the drunkest on the boat award. They start a cake fight, and even in her drunken stupor, Hayley realizes that they have taken things a bit too far. After Hayley pees her pants, she and Tyler begin vacuuming up the mess they created. Hayley bemoans, “All I wanted was goodnight Doritos.”

Ben fights every urge within his body to kiss Leigh-Ann, and instead, he embraces her. Makes ya wonder if Camille was in his shoes, would she deny a connection?

The next morning, everyone is dragging.  The cake is cleaned up, but the mess between Ross and Katie continues. Ross believes that Katie gets a “weird wall up in the evenings,” and Katie admits that they both make mistakes. They decide to just enjoy the time together while they have it…without putting a label on their hook-ups.

Although they are on the struggle bus, the crew has no time to dilly-dally. The guests approach, and at the very last minute, the crew lines up to meet the “slow stampede of protein and muscle coming.” Looks like the crew of the St. David can forget about winning that Buns and Guns contest, amiright?!