PHOTO: RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks Survives Near-Fatal Wreck After Car Nearly Crashed Off Cliff, Shares Pics as She Details Moment Before and After Incident

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Meredith Marks Reveals She Was in Car Accident near Utah Cliff, Shares Photo Taken "Moments before," and Says She’s Happy to “Be Alive”

Meredith Marks revealed she was in a car accident near a cliff in Utah. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, 51, has been an original castmate since season one.

At the time of the accident, Meredith was with her friend Kathy and driver Brent. The star posted an image taken right before the incident occurred and a video of the aftermath.

In the caption of her March 23 Instagram post, Meredith shared the details of the accident.

“This photo was taken moments before our driver, Brent, was fortunately able to maneuver the car into the snowbank, as we were headed to crash off of a cliff in Utah,” wrote the star.

She continued, “This is a reminder to always be grateful and count your blessings. My dear friend and I were in a car accident that could have been far more horrible.”

“Kathy, Brent, and I are all okay and safe,” she added. “Please be careful on the roads, especially during this season with the most snow in Park City that we have seen in decades.”

The star expressed gratitude for her blessings. “Many times in life we dwell on things of little importance rather than being grateful for the positive things that we have,” she wrote. “I am beyond happy to be alive.”

Meredith posted a short video of the vehicle after it crashed into the snow bank. The snow is almost completely covering the front tire.

In the comments of her post, Meredith’s daughter Chloe wrote, “Love you momma.” Her son Brooks (who is featured often on the show) echoed the same sentiment: “Love you so much.”

According to reports, RHOSLC is currently filming season four.