RHOC’s Shannon Beador Dishes on “Very Handsome” Man She’s Dating Months After Split From Ex John Janssen

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Shannon Beador Dishes on “Very Handsome” Man She’s Dating Months After Split From Ex John Janssen

Shannon Beador shared she’s dating a new man after her breakup with John Janssen. The Real Housewives of Orange County star described the mystery man and hinted at future plans.

Earlier this year, Shannon addressed how her split with John was a blindside as she believed they were moving forward in the relationship.

On a recent episode of Jeff Lewis Live, via BravoTV.com, Shannon and the host chatted about her new guy.

“Shannon had a date last night,” said Jeff, who met the man in question. “We’re not gonna say the name, but she brought a gentleman caller with her to dinner [and] I liked him a lot.”

Shannon said the man was “very handsome” and “super, super sweet.” She also explained he’s “super fit,” adding that it’s “a good influence for me.”

Apparently, the two were introduced by a certain member of her “core four” friendship group, and their first date appeared to be a success – despite her initial hesitance to re-enter the dating world.

“I thought, ‘Okay, it’s a dinner. Like, I’m not gonna like this guy,’ but he’s super sweet,” said Shannon, who agreed to the date less than five months after her breakup with John.

Shannon then addressed the recent split and her divorce with ex David Beador. “When David and I broke up, I stayed home for seven months. I didn’t go out to dinner, I didn’t do anything,” she explained. “And I thought, ‘Okay, John and I had broken up probably almost three months before it became public.’ So my mom goes, ‘Just go out to dinner with the guy.’ And I did.”

“I’m gonna see him tomorrow; we’re gonna go to dinner with my core three,” she revealed. “The four couldn’t make it, so [it’s] the three of us.”

They’re also planning on spending time together during Shannon’s eight-day trip to Cabo (which she originally booked with John) for at least a “part of it.”

After the breakup, John opened up about his decision to end the relationship.

“I’ve been in pain over it. It’s sad because I love Shannon very much,” he explained in a January interview with People. “I have loved her more deeply than any woman in my life. She’s one of a kind; so funny and generous and full of life and adventurous. We have a connection that’s unlike anything I’ve ever had. And I know that for as long as I live, I’ll never meet anyone like her again. But that doesn’t mean we’re right for each other for the rest of our lives.”

“The last thing I wanted to do is hurt Shannon, but I do think I did the right thing for the both of us,” he added. “We’re two people who love each other very much, but love is not always enough. And while I know Shannon sees it as I’ve said things to her I never meant, I hope she’ll be able to see that there’s no bad person here. It’s two really good people who couldn’t make it work.”