Vanderpump Rules Recap: Ariana Slams James for Being Rude as Lala Calls Raquel a ‘Baby Prostitute,’ Plus Schwartz and Raquel Take Flirting to Next Level

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: James Wonders if he Should Propose to Ally; Ariana Throws Scheana a Surprise Bridal Shower as James's Drinking Spirals

Scheana’s wedding is only six days away, and that is making for some drama within the group on this episode of Vanderpump Rules. James resents Raquel for having control over Scheana’s guest list, and Katie has drawn a line in the sand.  Will it all be worth it in the end?

James gets a visit from his dad, and they discuss sobriety and relationships. (Am I the only one who needs subtitles when his dad speaks??)  James’ father admits he never saw James marrying Raquel. His father further states he does see a future with James and Ally, which def plants a seed in James’ head.

It’s time for another tasting at Schwartz and Sandy’s since they need a more “upscale menu” [in a strip mall]. The opening date seems a liiiiiiiittle closer than the last time, but the to-do list keeps growing. Because they are in Scheana’s wedding, it’s more pressure to get everything done quickly, and Sandoval even jokes (I think) that Scheana should just probably move her wedding date to accommodate them better. Typical.

After Tom and Ariana‘s pool party, Schwartz believes he has made amends with Katie again. He invites Katie to the tasting as an olive branch, and they all swoon over the corndogs and croquettes because they need the doors to this restaurant open, like, yesterday.

Ariana, Scheana, and Lala seem to enjoy Ally, and so they plan on including her a little more often. They all get together, and it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to Raquel. Ally just can’t escape her!! Lala shares that Raquel tries to “plan out how the argument is going to go,” but Scheana continues to defend her. Lala is over Raquel’s antics and will only be hanging out with her in big group settings.

To switch the subject, Ariana talks about an upcoming “tea party” at LVP‘s house. This “tea party” is really Scheana’s surprise bridal shower, but they needed to get Scheana to the house without her finding out.  Of course, Scheana cringes at the tea party concept considering the last time she partook in such an event, Brock was ripped to pieces and so was Scheana. Here’s to hoping Scheana actually shows up to her own shower!!

Lala meets with Scheana and Brock to discuss the wedding, but really it’s a scene to show how far Lala and Brock have come. Brock lets Lala know that his baby’s mother has reached out to him, and he is actually grateful for all her sh*t talking in the past because it pushed him to fix things. Lala gets emotional talking about their past issues and admits she was out of line for calling him out on his lack of parenting. Brock is showing what a nice dude he is, especially after the feisty way Lala approached him originally. Look at them now — one big, happy “modern family.”

LVP’s house is decked to the nines (as always), and the whole gang rolls into a tea party (full of pump-tinis). This surprise shower kinda sucks because there aren’t many people there, and we are treated to the world’s cringiest surprise welcome. When Scheana walks in, the group bursts out in “Good as Gold,” and Scheana looks equal parts embarrassed and concerned by the spectacle occurring in front of her.

James uses this shower for multiple purposes: to get intoxicated and to continue to question why Ally is not invited to Scheana’s wedding. James believes Ally was not invited because Raquel put her foot down, and he half-jokes to Lala that he should ask Ally to marry him in Mexico as an FU to Scheana and Brock (much like their engagement timeline).

LVP claims she should not be involved in Scheana’s second wedding, considering her track record of attending successful weddings is pretty slim (i.e., Katie and Tom + Scheana’s first wedding — woof). While Scheana catches up with LVP, Raquel plops down by Schwartz, and the “flirting,” according to James, continues.

Far away from LVP’s castle, we find Katie gardening with Kristina, discussing her would-have-been-six-year anniversary with Schwartz. Katie chose not to attend Scheana’s shower since things have been tense with Scheana, plus she is “unpacking a lot of strange emotions” as her house sells this week as well.  Luckily, the sandwich shop keeps her upbeat and she is hopeful that her future will be bright.

Back at the shower, Lala and LVP try to talk some sense into a drunken James, and the Toms invite everyone back to Schwartz and Sandy’s for an after-party (on their personal tab, of course). James says what we are all thinking: How many soft openings does this restaurant have and how are they not open, open yet?!

While at the bar, James corners Scheana and Brock. He is adamant Ally gets invited. Scheana is “envisionulizing” the seating chart to see if they can fit her, but Brock essentially overrides his bride and gives James the green light to bring Ally. Jury is out on if Brock just said yes to shut James up…

Later, they all arrive in Mexico (minus LVP), and they are ready to party! Upon finding out her room arrangement, Katie is devastated to realize her room is nowhere near Lala’s. You can thank Scheana for that.  Scheana had Katie moved to a different tower and blocked from the preferred club list. Scheana ain’t playing.

In the lobby, James is coming in drunk, and when everyone disperses, Ariana and Katie get a call from LVP that will change their lives: they are now business owners! It’s a yes — they got the place! There is a small celebration with some tequila (watch out, Katie!), and Ariana and Katie are elated.

Later that night, Kristina walks into Scheana’s welcome dinner, uninvited. Scheana is still holding a grudge from her first wedding because Kristina and Stassi picked on every detail. They even went as far as calling Scheana’s first wedding dress a “trashy quinceanera” outfit, and since Scheana is half-Mexican, she took offense.

That’s not the only drama cooking up at this dinner. In the airport, one of Brock’s drunken friends greeted James with an annoying drunk hug, and instead of brushing him off or ignoring him, James body-checked him. When James sits down for dinner, he leans over to Ally to yell-talk this issue from before with Ariana, but Ariana does not like James’ tone of voice.

Lala jumps in to let him know he has to take it down a couple hundred notches, but James loses it when Lala calls him out for “shoving a guy” to the ground. As James gets yelled at by Ariana and Lala, Ally sits mortified, a situation Raquel remembers (but not fondly).

James continues to push the issue so much that it causes Ariana to raise her voice at him.  She tells James straight up that she has had enough and she is done. And it turns out, so is Ally.  She walks away from the table, overwhelmed by all that unfolded. Bet she is THRILLED to be invited to this wedding now… to be continued…