Xscape’s Tamika Scott Shares Receipts for Alleged $30K Theft & Extortion by Sister LaTocha as LaTocha Offers Apology and Admits She’s in an Open Marriage

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Xscape's Tamika Scott Shares Receipts for Alleged $30K Theft by Sister LaTocha as LaTocha Offers Apology and Admits She's in an Open Marriage

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Bravo

Tamika Scott shared a lengthy video on her YouTube channel days ago in which she showcased what she said is proof that her sister, LaTocha Scott, stole $30,000 in Xscape royalties from her.

Amid their family feud, which is currently playing out on Bravo series SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, Tamika detailed LaTocha’s alleged scheme against her, claiming she has not only stolen money from her but also attempted to extort her with the help of husband Rocky Bivens and cut her out of their deal for a joint gospel album.

“I’m not gonna do too much but I will clear my name,” Tamika began in her Youtube video, which was shared by Baller Alert on Instagram on March 29. “I will show you a few pieces of evidence that shows how they went in and they changed my address to their address, how they changed my email, everything … was changed by my sister, LaTocha Scott.”

Although Tamika said she wasn’t trying to “bury” her sister, she noted that she wants LaTocha and Rocky to stop spewing false claims and threats against her, especially in terms of her sex tape.

After confirming she made a sex tape in her 20s, Tamika revealed she gave the tape to LaTocha, only to learn it was supposedly stolen from her safe.

“She said someone stole it out her safe. So I said, ‘Okay, well, who had the safe code?’ She said only her and her husband,” Tamika revealed. “Now I’m about to be blackmailed … They’re gonna put the tape out. This is what the texts says … You want to extort me and put the tape out? And you’re doing a gospel album? Let’s talk about that.”

According to Tamika, her former management scored a deal for her and her sister to do a gospel album together in early 2022 at the request of their mother and grandmother. However, when Tamika told LaTocha that they needed to “split everything down the middle,” writing together and creating together, LaTocha “went bananas.”

“She was outraged,” Tamika recalled. “She was like, ‘Well this what I do. I do music. I do music. You can do screenplays and you can write plays and movies but I’m the singer in the family’ … She was just mad so when she left my house, she never mentioned it again.”

“How you steal my money and steal our gospel deal?” Tamika wondered.

And that’s not all. As Tamika shared, someone replaced all of her actor credits on cable.

“So not only did you steal money and our gospel album that we told grandma that we were gonna do, but now, if you all go look, now me, my image, is gone and replaced with her pictures,” Tamika said. “It’s just a lot of cricket stuff that has happened.”

And allegedly, Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, were also mentioned in the threatening messages.

“It’s something about Todd … Things that were in that threat text when my sister did her interview on her bus, dogging everybody out, talking about Kandi, talking about I lied, certain things that were in that threatening text was in what she said. Wow, they mentioned a tattoo that only she knew about. They mentioned the sex tape that mysteriously disappeared. They mentioned pictures that were never sent to him when he cracked my phone by saying he was my ex-husband,” Tamika revealed.

“They are evil, evil people but I’m not gonna allow you to keep sitting out here giving false narrative about me,” she added. “When I was wrong, I apologized. This time, I’m not wrong. Now the world knows you are a liar that’s doing a gospel album, stealing from a church, stealing from your sister, stealing my identity, but what you won’t do is steal my pride.”

Days later, in her own video, which was shared by The Shade Room on Instagram on March 31, LaTocha responded to Tamika’s claims against her.

“I know that the enemy is busy. When you pray and you ask for God to bless you and to order your steps, it comes with scrutiny, it comes with peaks and valleys and right now I’m in a valley, y’all,” she admitted. “There’s certain things in my life that I’m trying to straighten out but how can I straighten things out with y’all poking and accusing me and convicting me? I’m trying to find resolve. I can’t even get to the resolve because every time I turn around, y’all are saying things about me.”

After addressing recent backlash, LaTocha said she and her sister are “gonna get it together.”

“I’m reaching out. I don’t have the answers. I found out about a $30,000 allegation when I watched TV with y’all,” LaTocha explained. “Did I take my sister’s money? I did not.”

According to LaTocha, she, like Tamika, has receipts. And when it comes to what occurred between them 10 or 11 years ago, she’s not sure what Tamika is referring to when it comes to the missing checks.

“I don’t know anything about [the $30,000], all I said is, ‘Can we get clarity about it?’ Because during that time, we were both helping one another. I just need clarity. What are you seeing? Because I have my receipts,” she stated.

LaTocha said she doesn’t want to feud with he sister through social media and encouraged Tamika to sit down with her to figure things out.

“We have to talk to one another because you can’t get through anything without that and I’ve been convicted already of being a thief and I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” she told her. “You put up something online but Tamika, we both have receipts. We both have receipts.”

“We’re supposed to be family and I want my family back. I don’t care about nothing else and I’ve always said that,” she continued. “And I apologize to you Tamika if I didn’t hear you, if I didn’t hear your voice, I’m sorry … Sometimes I make mistakes, I’m human. But with us, we have to resolve this.”

“I love my sister. Let’s talk. I love you,” LaTocha added.

Also in the video, LaTocha confirmed she and Rocky are in an open relationship.

“Do we have problems? Are we perfect? No we’re not. Is he perfect? No he’s not. Am I perfect? I’m not perfect,” she declared. “I’m very much aware of the allegations that are happening about him. I see everything … Y’all think I don’t know. I know everything. Everything. I’m not oblivious to things. My husband and I, what y’all don’t understand, we do have a open relationship.”

The finale episode of SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B airs Sunday night on Bravo at 8/7c.