REPORT: Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose Are Feuding Amid “Explosive” RHOSLC Season 4, Is Lisa’s Friendships With Meredith and Heather to Blame?

by Adam Ragsdale
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Report: Lisa Barlow Is Feuding with Whitney Rose amid “Explosive” Season 4 Drama, as Lisa Improves Ties with Ex-BFF Meredith Marks and Former Enemy Heather Gay

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Tensions on the new season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are becoming “explosive,” as Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose reportedly lose grasp of the convenient alliance they created last season.

A source hinted that Lisa’s improved relationships with ex-bestie Meredith Marks and ex-enemy Heather Gay are perhaps a reason for the drama, which is coming to a head on the Bermuda cast trip.

“Producers have been preparing for an explosive situation in Bermuda,” said the source in an interview with Page Six.

They also shared that producers met up at The Loren on Friday at Pink Beach Resort, addressing the possible outcomes between Lisa and Whitney before the trip.

“Tensions have flared in Whitney and Lisa’s relationship while filming Season 4,” said the insider. “The women recently got into it with each other, and their conflict is expected to bleed into the Bermuda trip.”

According to the source, the women’s “discord is layered,” though Lisa thinks Whitney “hasn’t been completely honest with her this season.”

Another insider said Lisa’s improved relationship with former BFF Meredith may contribute to the tension.

“Lisa and Meredith are in a better place,” said the insider. “Their friendship will never be what it was, but they’ve settled into a cordial relationship … The new dynamic between Lisa and Meredith could create space for Lisa to reevaluate her relationship with Whitney.”

The insider also pointed to Lisa’s improved dynamic with Heather, who was close to Whitney before their fallout last season.

“Lisa is also getting along more with Heather, which might be to blame for some of the tension with Whitney,” the second source explained.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 is currently filming.