RHOA Recap: Kenya Accuses Martell of Being Abusive Amid DM Drama as His Message is Revealed, Plus Kenya and Sheree Feud Over Him

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RHOA Recap: Kenya Accuses Martell of Being Abusive Amid DM Drama as His Messages Are Revealed, Plus Kenya and Sheree Feud Over Him

Let us check back with our Real Housewives of Atlanta to see what transpires after the to-be-continued. Kandi has morphed into “Kandiana” after Courtney poked her peach. Kenya and Martell are still arguing over semantics about a DM, which escalates into a heated argument.

Sheree has to face Kenya, who wants her to be aware that Martell had been hitting her up in the past. She is almost acting like this relationship is bulletproof, but Martell is the only one wearing a vest. Sheree will not allow these ladies to ruffle her feathers. Sheree wants the full story with nothing left out. Kenya lets Martell know she is outing him, and he tells her that she probably accepts all her DMs. She will not allow this Lothario to make her out to be an easy mark for players like him. Martell shows a DM from two years ago after Kenya said it happened six months ago. He then delivers a giant gross whopper: “I don’t care if I was trying to f**k you two years ago. Why are you still talking about it?”

Kenya, who clearly refuses to engage any further, calls Martell an a**hole and proclaims, “Once a cheater always a cheater.” Sheree is pissed that everyone cannot recognize that Martell is a big improvement over Tyrone. She is peeved that Kenya has been trying to embarrass her at this party. Martell tells Sheree that they disrespected him, and you do not treat Kings like that. OMG, this guy has an overinflated sense of self.

Sanya cannot get all of these fires put out fast enough but allows herself a wardrobe change. She just wants everyone to play nicely since it is Ross’ birthday party. Kandi is behaving like Courtney has pulled her chain and she wants her thirsty paws to stop yanking it. She wishes Sanya had given her a heads up that Courtney has an issue with her, and her thirst is insatiable.

Ralph is just working the room and seems totally unconcerned with his family crisis. Marlo needs to earn some Birkin cash by playing blackjack — but her boobs keep spilling over just like the poker chips. She hilariously compares Kandi and Courtney to Jlo and Mariah with their “I do not know you” stances in her ITM.

Drew comes home from Chicago after visiting her dad in a nursing home. She is upset since her dad has Alzheimer’s and she needed to be there for her mom. Drew shows a video of her dad listening to Drew sing, which was heartwarming. She shares that her dad had a music career.

Ralph encourages Drew to consider doing some music and he wants to nurture her gift. She has a song called “You Already Know,” which is what I feel in real-time with these two knowing that they are on a downward spiral. Drew now says she and Ralph are in a good place, which is painfully ironic. She asks Ralph if any ladies hit on him, which he does deny. Ralph does mention that his cousin Courtney and Kandi almost came to blows. Why does Courtney have an ITM?

Kandi and Sanya meet up to chat and catch up. She invited Sanya’s family to Disney, and it appears that they have a friendship off camera. Kandi talks about how their families get along well. Sanya mentions going to BravoCon soon, so we will hopefully get some footage from that. She says her mom wants to move to Florida and escape the cramped quarters.

Kandi shares that Todd keeps coming up with new projects and resents her for not helping him to achieve his dream of making a movie. She did not care for bobble-headed Courtney coming for her at the party. Sanya then tells Kandi something much worse about Courtney when she called Kandi’s followers ghetto. Kandi wants friends who have her back, and the footage showed Sanya did not have the fortitude to do that. Sanya and Ross talk on FaceTime about having another baby. They are not always in the same place to have more kids. Sanya must have made making babies their storyline this season.

Kandi and Todd visit the Blaze restaurant, and her cousin Melvin joins them wearing a sling. She talks about how it used to be a hot area, but then the pandemic happened. Todd is reworking the menu in hopes of livening up the place. He now wants to open a Mexican restaurant. Todd likes making money from these ventures. A producer then breaks the fourth wall and impatiently prompts them to talk about the elephant in the room. Todd tells him there is still litigation going on but then acquiesces. He is referring to the shooting at her restaurant when Kandi’s cousin Melvin was shot by a disgruntled worker.

Kenya and her friend Akilah have their girls play tennis together. Brooklyn is just precious and seems to be really thriving. Kenya looks so different in her ITM with the blonde hair. She admits that she envies Akilah’s happy marriage. She talks about dating Roi, and she is enjoying this hot guy. Kenya thinks that Sheree is d*ckmatized by Martell.

Sanya joins Sheree at a restaurant to have dinner. She is enjoying Mecca, who is Kairo’s sweet little baby who made her a Glamma. Sheree says that Martell feels like this group is ambushing him. She thinks these ladies came in hot with no receipts to back them up.

Drew has recorded a new song called “Independent.” She regrets that she has not done music since people have complimented her singing ability. Drew sees music as therapy, and her marriage to Ralph has inspired her. She wants to do an EP since she has a lot of things to say. She prophetically mentions that they are balanced in their life and moving in the right direction to divorce court.

Sheree visits her distribution center, and she has 273 orders that need to be shipped. She has been on cloud nine after her clothing line launched and then crashed. Kenya comes to see what Sheree has accomplished. She mentions doing quality control, and Sheree looks perplexed by that term. Kenya mentions the commercial she shot for the Super Bowl, which I dislike because of the housewives who it was filmed with. She is unsure that Sheree and Martell have anything in common. Sheree clearly does not want to hear anything negative about Martell. Kenya then tells Sheree she has no interest in getting to know him any better.

Kenya and Sheree then debate the timing of the DM. Sheree defends Martell, saying they literally talked about everything. Kenya does not understand why he felt he had to curse and disrespect her. Sheree then sees a pattern with Kenya, saying she liked to call Ross aggressive when he defended Sanya. Sheree thinks that Kenya is labeling Black men as aggressive and Public Enemy number one. She determines that Kenya cannot stomach when another woman has a man who backs them up.  Sheree and Kenya agree to disagree on this one — for now!

Next week, we have Candiace cross over to sing with Drew, and Marlo loses her sh*t. Have a fabulous week, Blurbers, and see you all tomorrow in NJ! Please check out our podcast and take a listen to this week’s episode.