RHOA Recap: Marlo Lashes Out at Drew Amid Shooting Convo & Claims Kandi Wasn’t There For Her When Nephew Died, Plus Kandi Confronts Courtney Over Ghetto Claim & Candiace Makes Cameo

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Marlo Lashes Out at Drew Amid Shooting Conversation as Sanya and Drew Squash Their Beef, Plus Kandi Confronts Courtney Over Ghetto Claim

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have a housewife crossover with our “Star is Born” episode. Marlo calls Kandi out for not showing her reality. Let us get real, shall we?

This episode moves at a snail’s pace, but the snail starts picking up the pace in the last 30 seconds. Please relax and sit back with your libation so you can get through the episode. Trust me, it helps!

Sheree invites Sanya and Marlo to come over for brunch. Marlo reflects on her interaction with her nephews, and she is making a sincere effort to be on the same page as the boys. Sanya, who clearly loves the attention from being on this show, talks about the fans at BravoCon going crazy over them. Mama Joyce was still and will always be talking smack about Todd when she is questioned about Kandi’s husband. Sanya talks about her issues at BravoCon with Drew. Marlo thinks Drew was channeling Michael Jackson when she was talking with her hands, but she really needed his gloves to accentuate her point. Sheree shifts the conversation to Martell and would like the other ladies to respect them. She insists that he is not the same person that he is on his show.

Drew and Ralph go to do some rock climbing, which they liken to a date. She makes it to the top but has issues coming down. Ralph thinks that they are like Ike and Tina, and Drew and I both visibly cringed since we know how that pairing worked out. Drew would prefer the comparison to be between Jay-Z and Beyonce, and I have mad respect for her delusion. She questions Ralph about his commitment to her music career and their marriage, but he has his hands in a lot of places that he should not. Ralph said fans at BravoCon asked him to gaslight them, and I would not take that as a compliment. Side note: The best part of this episode so far is that adorable commercial with Ace and Kandi. At least I am getting my cute kid fix.

Kenya is having issues with her graphic artist and she is clearly being abusive. She somehow sees herself as a mentor to her staff — is she channeling Jennifer Aniston from Horrible Bosses? Monyetta calls Kenya, and we find out that Monyetta is a talented choreographer and Kenya would like her assistance. Kenya thinks that she needs help to bring “Keyonce” up to speed for her upcoming performance for Moore Hair Care.

Kandi goes over her schedule, and that list is crazy long. She only wants a minor part in Todd’s movie production, but she is willing to lend her name as an executive producer to be able to give the project some credibility. Monyetta stops in, and Kandi shares what happened at BravoCon. Kandi mentions the shady answers Mama Joyce gave about Todd. She was not happy with her mom, who clearly will never change, and she had not spoken to her since. YIKES, I cannot get used to Kandi being spackled with so much glitter in her ITMs.

Drew has invited Courtney over, and I personally am not looking forward to this thirst trap getting more airtime. Candiace calls Drew to come and sing a song with her while on her tour. Drew is getting hot flashes over the pressures of singing live. Courtney arrives with her ex Bryce, who coincidentally was in a movie with Drew back in the day. She shares a 24-year-old with Bryce, and call me shocked since I thought she was much younger. Drew calls Kandi while Courtney is there and cannot understand why Ms. Worldwide does not even want to share a telephone screen with Courtney after their incident at Harlem Nights. Kandi will show up for Drew and Candiace’s performance.

Courtney is now saying that Sanya has an issue with her. Drew has been unfollowed by Sanya and does not know where that is coming from. She thinks she behaves differently when other cast members are around, which I think is a fair assertion.

Marlo is letting William and Michael know that they need to keep up their grades, especially if they want $1,000 shoes. William thinks his auntie is trying to make some changes after working with the life coach. I love it when the boys are on camera, and I hope Marlo’s commitment to them is real.

Drew arrives at the venue for Candiace’s music performance. It looks like an all-cast event, but Sheree is allegedly ill because she is not open to watching Drew drop a note here and there. Sanya comes since, she insists, she wants good vibes with Drew. Marlo can recognize that Kandi still has hard feelings over the reunion. Oh, sh*t Kandi is staring daggers at Courtney and clearly has no tolerance for her. OMG, the commercials tonight are capturing my attention more than the show: Sonja, Luann, and Sheree are promoting The Little Mermaid movie and Luann is taking her cabaret show into the sea — kind of singing like the Little Mermaid.

Candiace is clearly finding her way and looks legit with her sexy costume and long blonde hair. She brings out Drew to sing with her — kind of. Drew thinks the ladies are proud of her, but they were not that impressed with her “la, la, las.” She thinks that she can earn a Grammy for her performance and believes she is performance ready. Chris is there to support his wife Candiace, and he is a gracious host to the ladies that came to the show.

Kenya asks Drew why her part was so insignificant and is clearly trying to provoke her. Sanya wants to know why Drew shaded her at BravoCon. Drew had some shady merch, and she does not think she was being mean. They agree to squash their beef — for now. The other ladies are glad they put that mess to bed.

Kandi confronts Courtney about her comment about how her fans are from the ghetto. Courtney does not see any problem with her comment because she is “from the hood.” Kandi tries to get Courtney to understand you do not shade where you came from. She clearly is triggered by Courtney’s choice of words and her presence at this point.

Ralph asks Chris if there is a place on the tour bus where you can get it in. He clearly has a one-track mind, and you can see why this relationship fell apart. Drew then asks Kandi about the shooting at Blaze, but she refers to it as an incident. Kandi shuts the conversation down and refers to it as a private matter. She cannot exit stage left any faster.

Marlo is seething since everyone talks about her background and Kandi can refuse to share her reality. We then see Drew and Marlo still talking 30 minutes after production wrapped. Marlo is annoyed that Drew referred to Kandi’s situation as an incident and did not call her out on the severity of the situation. She reminds Marlo she is from Chicago and has been a witness to gun violence. Marlo believes that Drew was just trying to manufacture a moment.

Marlo starts getting fired up while reflecting on her nephew, who used to work for Kandi at OLG. He was shot at home by his roommate. Marlo told Kandi about the shooting, and the next day she pretended like she had no idea about what she was talking about. Marlo loses her sh*t with Drew since she is furious that Kandi never shares her true reality with the group and continues to get away with it. She believes Drew’s choice of words shows she is less sensitive to gun violence.

Drew looks so confused about why Marlo is lashing out at her and calls her out for acting. She cannot escape this scene any faster with her flowers and looks to a producer for help. Marlo continues her rant about gun violence and the sad demise of her nephew…

Next week, Kenya has her charity event and Marlo is poking the bear — again. Have a wonderful week, and I will see you tomorrow in the Garden State for the Lou-enstein nuptials.