Kroy Biermann Alleges Kim Zolciak “Punched” Him as She Accuses Kroy of Locking Her Designer Bags in Safe, Plus Kim Wants His Hair Tested for Drugs

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 'RHOA' star Kim Zolciak accuses her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, of seizing her property as he fires back with physical assault claims.

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The divorce between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann has reached a level of epic proportions as the couple’s volatile relationship has devolved to the point of physical violence, according to new police reports.

On May 4 at around 6 p.m., police responded to a 911 call from a reportedly distraught Kim at her and Kroy’s Alpharetta, Georgia, home. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum claimed that Kroy had stolen her handbags, which are allegedly worth upwards of $175,000, along with her passport. She said he had locked them in a safe in the home’s basement.

While being questioned by police officers, Kroy accused Kim of physically assaulting him and “punching” him in the “back of the head,” and he claimed to have an audio recording to prove it.

Amid questioning, “Kroy then advised that Kim had punched him in the back of the head during an earlier altercation concerning the disputed property,” read a May 4, 2023, report by a Milton, Georgia, police officer that worked the scene, per documents obtained by Radar Online.

Kroy then informed the officer he had “no visible injuries or evidence to prove that Kim had caused any injuries to him other than an audio recording of the incident,” the report continued.

The situation was so volatile that officers had to verbally chastise the couple on how to properly behave in front of their four minor children.

“Several times during our encounter (the officers) employed Kroy and Kim to remain civil due to the presence of their four juvenile children,” the report stated. “Kim and Kroy engaged in several verbal disagreements, which included Kroy putting his attorney on speaker phone so that his estranged wife could hear the definition of marital property, the report states.

Kim and Kroy continued to argue over the disputed items and what constituted “marital property” versus “pre-marital property.” Eventually, Kroy retrieved Kim’s belongings from the basement safe, but not before asking Kim to leave the room so she would not see where he “hid the key.”

The report also stated that as officers were leaving the scene, Kim was seen loading up her Range Rover with a multitude of belongings including handbags, glasses, purses, and other personal items in an effort to keep Kroy from “seizing” them.

The outlet also notes that Kim reportedly “begged” officers to stay on the scene while she packed up her things in case Kroy tried to interfere.

The retired NFL star then allegedly took out his phone and began recording Kim as she gathered her things.

Per the outlet’s report, the incident only continued to escalate. The very same day as the prior altercation, Kroy phoned in another call to the police at 10:42 p.m., alleging that Kim was unlawfully using his credit card as it was not “marital property.”

The couple’s volatile relationship shows no indicators that an amicable resolution is in the near future. Famed attorney Ronald Richards recently revealed that Kim has filed a motion to have Kroy’s hair follicles tested for marijuana amid reports that Kim fears for her children’s safety due to Kroy’s alleged chronic marijuana habit.

“Kim Zolciak aka Kim Biermann now wants Kroy Biermann to not cut his hair so he can be tested for marijuana. Georgia has tough marijuana laws. She offers no evidence he has an issue & marijuana is legal as medicine or recreational in almost all states,” the attorney tweeted alongside a copy of the motion.

Compared to urine tests, where marijuana can be expelled from the body’s system at a quicker rate, hair follicle testing can detect levels of past marijuana use going back months.

Neither Kroy nor Kim has publicly commented on the latest domestic incident as they continue to face financial woes amid their impending divorce.