RHOA Recap: Kenya is Hospitalized After Struggling to Breathe and Sanya is Sent Back Home, Plus Sheree Confronts Drew

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RHOA Recap: Kenya is Hospitalized After Struggling to Breathe and Sanya is Disinvited From Trip, Plus Sheree Confronts Drew

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are back for an episode titled “Drama for Yo Mama.” Kenya has a medical scare and gets hospitalized. Kandi is again battling with Mama Joyce to show Todd some respect. Let’s rehash this tiring storyline, shall we?

Kenya and Marlo are still screaming at each other through the door. Marlo tells the other ladies they do not need Kenya and can do their own thing. Monyetta is not vibing with Marlo and her treatment of Kenya. Sheree thinks these two are like rock-paper-scissors with two rocks, and I agree. Marlo now slams the door in Monyetta’s face, and that infuriates me. How dare she slam the door in the face of a woman who danced with one of the greatest, Prince? Courtney pretends that she did not see Marlo do that. She is an ancillary character that this cast does not need.

Monyetta is not playing and finds Marlo’s behavior reprehensible. She does not want to waste any energy trying to co-exist with her. Marlo recalls Kenya looking like a demon who was possessed, and production even gives us the spooky red eyes. I am sure she can recognize demonic behavior when she sees it in the mirror. What I really want to know is: How is Marlo getting drinks served drinks to her at the corner of an intersection?

Kenya is upset that Monyetta and Sheree did not stop Marlo from misbehaving. She wants everyone to go home who is not in her core group. Kenya thinks the other ladies are just bad energy. She dismisses Sanya, who made a special trip so she could be at her event. Kenya tells Sheree what the surprise was at the half-time show. Sanya knows that Kenya would not have pulled this sh*t on Kandi and Drew. She did not deserve to be lumped into the bad energy group.

Marlo and Courtney sit together, and they get a call from Sanya, who tells them she was sent home. She texts Kenya that she is a rude, selfish motherf*cker who needs help — like Kanye. Marlo would have chased some old, shriveled coin stayed home with her nephews if she knew she would be unwanted at this event. Kenya is still on the speakerphone while the ladies are ranting about Marlo’s bad behavior. Marlo shades Kenya’s BravoCon performance and knows why she kept this performance quiet. She says Monyetta kisses more a*s than Kenya eats a*s. Yuck, that was just a foul comment.

We are back in the ATL with Drew coming out of the hospital after being sick from the flu. Kandi arrives for Todd Tucker time, but she cannot give him the undivided attention he wants. Todd has a movie called The Pass, and it is about giving someone in a relationship a hall pass. Kandi mentions Mama Joyce called and forgot to mention that she slammed Todd at BravoCon. She knows it has been a trend with her mom constantly dissing Todd.

Back in Birmingham, Marlo calls her life coach to tell her that she lost her shit. This woman needs to follow Marlo around with a cattle prod to stop her from behaving like a fool. Kenya is now dizzy and ill and might be suffering from stage fright must call an ambulance. She shares that she is just recovering from COVID. Sheree sees what is going on with Kenya and is concerned.

Sheree has Marlo, Courtney, and Monyetta come to her room. She lets them know the EMTs were with Kenya. Sheree calls Kenya, and she says she has a fever of 102. Kenya does not want visitors, and Monyetta mentions her mom passed recently, and she gets emotional. Marlo wants everyone to pray for Kenya, so she gets well soon. Monyetta does not usually negotiate with terrorists, but she is willing to make nice with Marlo when she apologizes. Marlo pretends that she does not remember what happened since she was drinking.

Courtney wants to know from Sheree what is going on with her cousin Drew. Sheree gets slammed for taking back her merch after pretending to give it away at the reunion. Marlo tells the others that Monyetta is not going to make it with this group. She needs to be concerned about her own continued involvement in this group.

Marlo calls Sanya to tell her what happened with Kenya. What a waste of a trip to get tossed out of a charity trip and then have to order Uber Eats and eat in the lobby. Marlo wants to send flowers, but Kenya has already been discharged. Monyetta gives them a sample of the half-time dance, and it looks awesome.

Sheree brings Kenya some things to help her feel better. Kenya said nothing was found on her chest X-ray. She said she had the flu, and her brand took a hit by not attending the event. Kenya does not remember much other than Marlo donkey kicking her door. She thinks that Marlo likes any attention, negative or positive. Little Brooklyn comes into the room, and she is just delicious.

Sheree tells Kenya about the challenges she is facing with her fibroids. She is more concerned with not being able to have sex than her own health. Sheree needs to take care of herself since fibroids are no joke.

Kandi gets a visit from Mama Joyce. She is happy that they are talking again. Mama Joyce tells Kandi that she thinks there is bad energy in their home, and she knows that Todd avoids her. Mama Joyce thinks that Todd is a meek and humble person. She thinks Todd has morphed into a George Jefferson, and I am sorry, but I had to laugh. Kandi thinks they need family counseling so they can get on the same page. Mama Joyce will entertain that if she gets paid for the therapy scenes. She sadly does not seem to want to end this decade-old feud with Todd even when it affects her grandchildren #sad.

Kenya, Drew, and Sheree are meeting up to get IV treatments. Drew tells about the dispute with Marlo at the last event. She did not appreciate Marlo getting in her face, and production shows both sides of the fight.

Drew is shading Sheree in her ITM, saying that Sheree loves to save a penny and get free stuff. Sheree is annoyed that Drew told people that Sheree confiscated everything that she gave cast members after the reunion cameras went down. Drew wanted one of the bags, and there were a few on the rack, but Sheree claimed it was her personal bag. My thoughts on this are that Sheree wanted to appear magnanimous on camera, and when filming stopped, she took items away from people who she did not think could help her brand. I am sure Mr. Andy and Ms. Kandi were able to keep their merch.

Drew discusses the whole shooting incident that Marlo went off on her about. She does not like it when people invade her personal space and are aggressive.  Production rolls the tape to show what happened, and there are some discrepancies in both Marlo and Drew’s stories. Kenya then asks Drew, “Did you give my phone number to Courtney?” Drew insists she did not, but she tells her that Courtney is having a laser light matrix activity party, which sounds like a total snore to me. She thinks this group needs a good team-building activity.

We then jump to three days later, and there is no team building being done. Kandi and Marlo’s tension is off the chain, and I have not seen Kandi this angry in a long time. Marlo is calling Kandi out for not properly acknowledging her nephew’s death, and Kandi is not allowing Marlo to portray her in this negative light.

Next week, it looks like there will be an ugly confrontation between Marlo and Kandi. RHOA jumped the shark, swam back around, and jumped it again. How can you bring this franchise back to its original greatness? Le Sigh, there is not much hope. Have a fabulous week, Blurbers, and see you tomorrow in the Garden State for more ugly behavior from grown a*s women.