RHOA Recap: Kandi Almost Comes to Blows With Marlo After She Calls Out Her Behavior Over Nephew’s Murder, and Exposes Marlo Slashing a Woman’s Face

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Kandi and Marlo get into a fight over Kandi not acknowledging the death of her nephew Plus Kenya is opening up a Kenya Moore Hair care salon

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have an episode titled “Rap Sheets and Old Beefs.” Marlo is coming for Kandi over a perceived slight, and Kandi is not going down without dragging out all the skeletons of Marlo’s past. Let’s start digging…

Production treats us to some old clips showing the friendship between Kandi and Marlo. We are treated with oldies, which frankly made me nostalgic for the old days of RHOA. Marlo came over to Kandi’s house after the shooting of her nephew. Kandi, in her ITM, commiserates with what Marlo is going through and reminds us that she lost a brother at a young age. She has been the one to remind people that Marlo has a hard exterior, but she does also have a kind heart. Marlo, IMO, has come for the wrong peach, and her nasty behavior has ruined this franchise. Now back to current day…

Marlo is visiting with friends who she identifies as managers — Tye and Justin. She sees them as part of her village, and they offer familial support for Michael and William. Marlo is looking for a man who can make her smile and has an impressive credit limit. She wants someone who can fit in with Michael and William and provide balance in her home life. Marlo thinks that Drew has changed the narrative with what happened at the last event.

Marlo believes that Kandi is not being honest and is trying to sanitize the shooting story. She thinks that Kandi is trying to downplay it because of the shooting at OLG and she does not want to revisit that time. Marlo is practicing active listening while having a monologue, and all her training from her coach went to the wayside. Marlo says her family was shocked that Kandi did not properly acknowledge the death of her nephew. She expected Kandi to send flowers and cater the reception from the OLG for her nephew. Tye and Justin are enabling Marlo, and they think that Kandi treated Quentin as irrelevant.

Sanya is thrilled that Mommy Nation is going to be on Belk.com, but her sister and mom do not share her enthusiasm. Shari talks about Ross wanting their house back, and Sanya is throwing her hubby under the bus and letting him take responsibility. Mama Sharon does not want to stay where she is not appreciated or wanted. Shari thinks they will leave a gaping hole in her support system. She does have a valid point, but why do they have to live with them? Sanya believes that Ross does not consider the logistics involved in running their home.

Kenya is looking at a space for Kenya Moore Hair Care. She is going to be opening a salon that will be Brooklyn’s legacy. Kenya then talks about Roi and comments on how much traveling he does, and she sees a similarity between him and Marc. She is still resentful that Marlo is coming for her and is furious she would do such a thing with Brooklyn in the room.

Sheree shares that Kairo is coming over with his new baby, Mecca. She found out about the pregnancy when his girlfriend Alina was already four months pregnant. Alina says that Kairo is a good daddy and is very hands-on. Kairo shares that they were not getting a lot of sleep when she was first born. Mecca is just precious sleeping on Sheree’s shoulder. Sheree is proud of Kairo and the daddy he has become, and I love seeing storylines like this that are very heartwarming. Kairo is a handsome young man who has grown into a loving father.

Drew and Ralph are outside with the kids and they talk about everyone in their house being sick. She alludes to Ralph having multiple surgeries and even points to his groin, so what was that all about? Did he get a full tune-up so he can keep up when he leaves this marriage for good? Drew talks about her parents nurturing her, and she wants to do the same for her kids. Drew mentions she does not want to go to Courtney’s party since Marlo is going. She does not appreciate being attacked for Marlo’s unresolved trauma. Drew can now see where Kenya is coming from. She is going to release Chicago on her if she continues with her antics.

Kandi and Todd discuss his new script, and he wants her input. She mentions the party that Courtney is planning for all of them. Kandi thinks it is like an escape room, but she needs to escape this party. Kenya calls, and she clearly is calling to just fill Kandi in on the negative scuttlebutt going on about her. She tells Kandi that Marlo is spinning a different story than Drew about their “incident.” Kenya lets Kandi know that Drew is claiming to have been cornered by Marlo. Kenya says that Marlo is now hurt since years ago Kandi did not send flowers to the family after the shooting. Kandi thinks that Marlo is coming for her family and her business — as do I. Todd wants Kandi to shut that sh*t down.

They arrive at Courtney’s Beat the Bomb party. WTH is Marlo wearing for this party? She looks like she is wearing cow print on her outfit, and maybe she is channeling all the old cash cows she has banked coins from in the past? Monyetta, who is the voice of reason, arrives, and she gives me Cynthia calming vibes. The energy shifts in the room when Kandi and Marlo are in the same air space. They decide to walk away from the table with Drew to discuss what is bothering Marlo. Marlo is really grasping and itching for drama coming for Kandi of all people.

Kandi and Marlo get heated pretty much from the start. Marlo is itching for a fight or possibly for some other reason we would rather not know. She seems to suffer from recreating history to create a storyline and a point of contention with Kandi. Marlo tries to tell Kandi she is not mad at her, but she is annoyed that Kandi is allowed to ignore things and people let her get away with it. She believes since her nephew worked briefly for Kandi and has posed in some photos with her, she should have done more to honor his memory.

Kandi, who clearly has had enough of this, starts getting fired up. She has grown weary of defending Marlo when she has been indefensible. Marlo and Kandi must be pulled apart, and Kandi escapes to the parking lot. Marlo makes a big show of the fact she kept her hands behind her back so no one could say she laid hands on Kandi.

Kandi pulls out her texts to show Drew, Monyetta, and Kenya that five days after the shooting, Marlo was talking to her about creating some cameos. She has now pulled off her gloves and is not going to allow Marlo to get away with it. Kandi mentions it all and talks about Marlo slashing a woman’s face and being a convicted felon.

Kandi leaves when she does not want to engage with this time bomb. Drew thinks mentioning the word shooting perpetuates shooting, and Kenya looks at her like that is a big stretch. Sanya calls Drew a barking poodle. Drew, Kenya, and Monyetta are part of the Kandi-coated circle, and they do not want to engage with the very salty Marlo. Courtney still does her team-building exercise with the remaining women outside the circle. There is no surprise that they could not escape the room just like we cannot escape this awful season…

Next week, where can this season go other than creating messy scenes and forcing us to accept this is the new normal for RHOA? I, for one, am not willing to accept that. Be well, Blurbers, and have a marvelous Monday!