Garcelle Beauvais Shares RHOBH Season 13 Premiere Date, Hardest Part of Show, & Says It Isn’t as “Toxic,” Plus Denies Use of Ozempic for Weight Loss

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Garcelle Beauvais Shares Season 13 Release Date, Claims It Isn’t as “Toxic” as Season 12, and Denies Use of Ozempic for Weight Loss amid Fan Speculation

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Garcelle Beauvais shared the season 13 release date of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, claimed it isn’t as “toxic” as last season, and denied using Ozempic amid fan speculation.

Last season on the show, Lisa Rinna seemingly waged war against Kathy Hilton over her alleged meltdown, which many viewers believe never occurred. After the season concluded, Lisa revealed she would not be returning next season.

While speaking with eTalk’s Traci Melchor via Variety, Garcelle addressed the new season.

“I’m hearing November is our release date. It’s back to fun and glamour and friendships,” she expressed, before seemingly shading Lisa. “It’s not as toxic as it was. I think the last season was pretty hardcore on everybody.”

Garcelle claimed the Housewives franchise “changed my career,” and the “hardest part” is fans’ negativity.

“Especially last season, my kids were attacked on social media because of the show, and that’s always hard … When it affects my kids, that’s a problem,” she explained.

When asked what most surprised her about the series, Garcelle answered, “It’s a hard job.”

“If you’re not confrontational and you’re not everywhere, that’s tough,” said the actress. “Because that’s part of the show — finding drama within the women. And it’s not that hard with some of them. But the everyday can be tough.”

Garcelle stated she’s not “as scared as I was” about being on the show. “My main thing for me with this show was, I was the first Black woman in that franchise. And I was truly being me. Not letting people label me; not showing up like how people want you to show up, but to show up as me. And I think I’ve been able to do that.”

Recently, after a photo of Garcelle and Sutton Stracke surfaced on Bravo’s Twitter account, fans began speculating that she was using Ozempic for weight loss.

“Gracelle has slimmed down quite a bit. Ozempic?? Or healthy eating?” said one viewer, via Page Six.

The actress quickly responded to the allegation, tweeting back, “Don’t even start with that ozempic thing I’m not playing with that!!!”

Her ally Sutton expressed support, writing in the comments, “Gettem! ????????????.”

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently finished filming.