Vanderpump Rules Secrets Recap: Raquel Buys Ariana Flowers After Sleeping With Tom and Dishes on Hooking Up With Oliver as Schwartz Goes on a Date

by Julia Comments

Vanderpump Rules Secret Revealed: Peter Doesn't Remember Raquel Breaking Up With Him, Schwartz Goes on a Date, and Suspicious Behavior Between Raquel and Sandoval Gets the Group Talking Early On

Unsure just how many more secrets we can take when it comes to Vanderpump Rules after what we endured this season.

LVP guides us through never-before-seen scenes that make us laugh and make us gag (hint: those are the scenes with Raquel — I mean Rachel). And one thing remains clear: This season is all about change — out with the old, in with the new… good, bad, or otherwise, that’s for sure.

LVP reminds us all that Katie and Schwartz lived together in the same house post break up. After 2.5 months of being separated, Katie shares that the slow break-off move seems easier than going cold turkey. When Schwartz asks Katie if she has gone on any dates, Katie admits that she has, which upsets him. Schwartz explains that he was in denial when Katie asked for the divorce, but Katie feels more herself now. Even though she loves him, she is tired of defending the relationship.

Ariana‘s brother has been living in Sandoval and Schwartz’s infamous old apartment, but now he is moving out. This is an emotional time for the boys (yes, I say boys cuz that’s what they are), but their moods change once they find the beer bong hidden away in the closet.

One of the funnier scenes that didn’t make it on the show, according to LVP, was when Peter asks Raquel to re-break up with him. Peter pulls Raquel from her “shift” at SUR and has to admit that he doesn’t remember the breakup conversation Raquel had with him the night before. Raquel is then forced to break it off with Peter (again), this time when he’s sober, and it’s even more awkward the second time around. Holy cringe.

Scheana feels a bit defeated about Katie. She is upset Katie doesn’t want Schwartz hanging out with her all because she suggested Raquel hook up with Schwartz. Lala points out something interesting. WTF is Raquel doing tagging along to all the girls’ hangs, and why does Katie seem to have her laser off? It seems odd that Katie is angrier with Scheana than Raquel when Raquel is truly the bad guy.

Scheana is aware that she was not invited to Havasu but hopes that they can move forward and just get along. Katie is not expecting Scheana to apologize, so for now, she will toast to being cordial.

LVP admits that she never saw the Scandoval coming, but in retrospect, it does make sense why he was defending Raquel so much. Raquel comes over the day after the infamous guys’ night hook-up (which we know now), and she brings flowers, almost as an apology for banging Ariana’s boyfriend, don’t ya think? Raquel begins talking about what Ariana missed after she left Vegas. She goes on about Oliver, and Ariana is Raquel’s cheerleader, thrilled to hear that she made out with someone. Raquel lets them know that Lala said, “Honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable about having you around my man,” and the smirk on Sandoval’s face is insane.

Speaking of Sandoval, his attempt at a date truly blows. He takes Ariana to a roller rink, and Ariana tries to defend their relationship. She has high hopes of them spending more time together, and she blames the opening of the bar on a lot of his absences. Sandoval repeatedly tells Ariana how hot she looks, but he seems a bit fixated on Raquel any time she gets brought into the conversation. Regarding the rift in their friend group over Raquel, Ariana states, “You’re gonna have to work really hard for me not to just absolutely love Raquel. We have this really beautiful friendship family.” Sandoval calls it a “transparent love,” which gives me the creeps.

While on the topic of dates, Schwartz is like a giddy schoolgirl waiting on a date at the bar. It has been 12 years since he has been on a date with anyone, and Schwartz proves to be charmingly awkward with his online match. He tells this girl how he’s getting his life together and presents her with a “hypothetical” (but absolutely true) story about making out with someone his ex-wife asked him not to. The date seems to be going quite well, as we see Schwartz walk hand-in-hand with the girl to another bar.

LVP explains that the group was suspicious of Sandoval and Raquel way before she was. Katie was the first to question their relationship. Lala points out that on the day Ariana’s grandmother died, Sandoval was with Raquel all day. Lala feels like they were too close, and when you mix that with drinking, things may happen…

Raquel claims to be “so embarrassed” after the guys’ night. She lies blatantly to Scheana, the cameras, and the world by denying that anything happened. Raquel repeats that she is just friends with the guys and it’s “far-fetched” that she would be a homewrecker. Touché to the producers who brought back Raquel admitting to the cheating — grade A move showing her break down and tell all the details only after she got caught.

LVP shares that Ariana was the one who encouraged her to get back in the saddle (pun intended) after sustaining an injury that really made her feel like she couldn’t do it again. LVP talks about how she fell off her horse, and she broke her leg in four places, and shattered it as well. This was 20 weeks ago, and she is still beating herself up for being leery about riding again. Ariana does a good job of putting a smile on LVP’s face and making the spot where she fell a better memory cuz that’s just the type of person Ariana is…

On March 9, when the news broke, James and Ally discuss the Scandoval. They believe that Raquel and Sandoval are together. The level of betrayal is outlandish, and James is aghast that Sandoval would throw away his perfect life for Raquel, “the airhead bimbo.”

Katie, Ally, and Lala meet up. Katie explains that she doesn’t “want to kill” Scheana anymore, so there’s been some progress in their relationship. They discuss Raquel’s (alleged) black eye and James’ reaction to Sandoval sleeping with his ex-fiancée. Turns out that Sandoval was texting with James after Ariana found out about the affair, and the level of betrayal and lying is off the charts.

Ally is not worried about James, but rather, she explains that he has been friends with Sandoval for so long and now James feels disposable. Lala can’t get over how Raquel, Ariana’s once-friend, was capable of having this affair that rocked us all. To see the hints, to watch the interactions now knowing what we know… it is truly mind-blowing how brazen the Scandoval participants were during this season (and then some).