Siggy Flicker Alleges Margaret Josephs is Being Protected by RHONJ Producers & Shares Why, Plus She Reveals Why She Quit Show, & Claims They Wanted Her to Hate Teresa

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

RHONJ Alum Siggy Flicker Reveals Why She Quit, Accuses Margaret Josephs of Contacting Her Husband’s Ex-Wife, and Shares Why Producers “Protect” Margaret

Alum Siggy Flicker opened up about why she quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she claimed Margaret Josephs contacted her husband’s ex-wife to obtain information.

Siggy also alleged that Margaret is close to RHONJ producers, who have “dinner at her house” and “protect her” in the editing room. The star claimed Margaret will do “anything” producers “tell” her, as production is often “whispering in Margaret’s ear.”

On the AllAboutTRH podcast, Siggy first declared that the production team “wanted me so bad to hate” Teresa Giudice as she was coming out of jail.

“They’re like, ‘Siggy, you’re not scared of anybody. We would love for you to go up against Giudice,'” said the star, who claimed the production team “plays favorites” and “protect especially Margaret.”

“You have to think about it. What does Margaret bring to the show? She has no storyline. She has no real big family. She’s a girl who’s got a mother who’s prettier than her. A husband who’s a plumber who can’t even clean out his wife’s sh**ty pipes,” said Siggy. “But what they love about her is she will go into the dark places where no one dares.”

She later expressed, “It’s not [reality]. It’s not real when producers are stopping everything and whispering in certain ears … So if I’m sitting there and somebody’s whispering in Margaret’s ear, or somebody’s ear, ‘Say this, say this’ — [it’s] because they want to get a reaction out of that other person … Anything they tell [Margaret] to do, she will do.”

The alum indicated that Housewives will say hurtful things to stir up a reaction, but the final edit will leave out the insult that triggered the fight: “[Margaret] is protected in the editing room.”

Siggy also shared that Margaret is close with producers, who “have dinner at her house.”

The star then shared that she left RHONJ because her daughter revealed that Margaret “reached out to my husband Michael Campanella‘s ex-wife.” Later on, Michael told Siggy, “‘Honey, we got to protect our kids.’ And at that time, our kids were still babies. They were still young.”

“I said, ‘Oh my God. They’re gonna bring her on to try to do something and hurt the kids and whatever it was, why would she need to have [a] conversation and interaction or a call [with] my husband’s ex-wife? That is exactly who she is.”

Siggy added, “But [production] needed that one person, and that’s why the producers protect her.”