RHOC Recap: Heather Blasts Taylor Over “Incredibly Rude” IMDB Diss, and Taylor Says She’s Bisexual, Plus Jennifer’s Boyfriend Ryan’s Past Cheating is Revealed

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Heather Slams Taylor Over “Incredibly Rude” IMDB Diss, and Taylor Says She’s Bi-Sexual, Plus Jennifer's Boyfriend Ryan’s Past Cheating is Revealed

Who would ever think that a simple IMDb search would prompt beef between Taylor and Heather? On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, the group heads to Montana for some good, clean(ish) dude ranch fun — with some drama sprinkled in, of course.

Emily shares that her daughter, Annabelle, has a “huge personality,” and because of that, Emily is helping Annabelle channel that energy through modeling. They roll up to L.A. Model Management, and Emily explains that she is very invested in her children’s lives, unlike her own mother growing up. Emily aims to give her kids a better life than what she had, and she states that it isn’t “that high of a threshold” to beat.

Tamra is out shopping for some dude ranch clothes, and Jennifer meets her so she can also get properly attired. Tamra is excited about the upcoming Montana trip and is hopeful that the girls will have fun. This group isn’t the type to enjoy getting dirty, and Heather rolls up in her all-white ensemble, proving that point perfectly.

In the meantime, Gina can’t wait to look like a Dallas cheerleader in her dude ranch gear. Emily and Shannon join her to shop for cowboy hats, boots, and chaps (naturally). Shannon updates Gina and Emily about Tamra’s apology, but she makes it clear she won’t brush things under the rug with Tamra like she used to.

Gina is questioning spending a long amount of time with Jenn as she is having a hard time justifying Jenn’s infidelity. Gina explains that she is triggered by Jenn and her story. Hearing Jenn casually talk about her relationship with her now-boyfriend is tough for Gina because she feels like no matter the situation, it would always be wrong.

Speaking of Jenn and her relationship, Jenn lets Heather know that she never had a “physical” thing with Ryan while she was married but was definitely invested in him. The issue is Jenn cannot trust Ryan, as he has a bit of a past. Translation: He is a serial cheater. We learn that while Jenn and Ryan were on a break, Ryan slept with someone who Tamra knew… awkward. Tamra is applauding Jenn for taking her time with Ryan and suggests she continue to go slow with him, considering his past.

Later, at Jenn’s house, she is doing the most to prove she has a true connection with Ryan. Jenn brings up to Ryan how Tamra told the girls about his past. She talks about the stigma of Ryan and wonders if the newness will wear off between them in the relationship. Ryan reminds Jenn that they are two years in and things are getting better. Jenn is tired of defending her relationship with Ryan and will do the best she can with this group on only the second girls’ trip of her life.

Heather is busy packing for Montana and is going “country chic.” She grabs Terry for a minute to show him the empty room of their son, Nicky, who is now off to college. Also, can we discuss how their daughter flew to college in a private plane?! So much for a minivan packed with Bed, Bath, and Beyond gear, amiright?! Heather becomes teary when she talks about how she put her personal hopes and acting goals on hold for her children. She wonders if it’s too late for her to get back into the scene and shares why she wants to start over in L.A.

Taylor and Tamra meet up for dinner, and Taylor fills her in on the movie drama with Heather. Taylor explains how an actress dropped out, she offered the role to Heather, and Heather condescendingly told Taylor “you’re so cute” to suggest she take the part. Taylor felt a bit insecure after Heather belittled her. Taylor goes on to say that Heather even left the script on the table.

Taylor’s feelings are hurt, as it’s her first movie role, and she shares that the director needs an acting tape from Heather so she can be considered for the role. Taylor tells Tamra that Heather’s IMDb is not quite as stacked as they all thought it was, and they dissect her history. Taylor’s mind is reeling, and she is unsure how to move on with Heather since the awkwardness took place.

Shannon is trying way too hard to find a fun Montana schtick, and her daughters are not amused. Tamra gets gifted Louis Vuitton boots by Eddie, NOT to be worn to the dude ranch. And everyone is preparing for a good time. Emily cannot attend the trip, since she has tested positive for COVID, and Gina is more annoyed at her because now she’s without her travel wife.

The gang lands in Montana, and they get greeted by the ranch manager and champagne. There are two places for the ladies to stay: the bunkhouse and the villa, and so naturally, they act like mature adults and claim their spots. The villa seems big enough for all the ladies to stay in, but alas, the mean girls split off from the rest of the group to claim the nicer accommodation. Gina, Jenn, and Taylor stay in the bunk house, where they have to do their own laundry, so there’s that…

Someone decided to let Tamra drive the cart, and it’s giving me PTSD (do dune buggies mean anything to anyone?!). They roll up to the mechanical bull, and it’s time for the ladies of the O.C. to get a new storyline. We’ve seen Tamra on a bull before, and once was enough… Shannon joins the group later after putting her makeup on (for what?!), but we are still waiting for fun-vacation Shannon to make her debut.

After riding the mechanical bull a few too many times, the ladies settle in for a down-home dude ranch dinner. Taylor shares with the group that she is bisexual, and we are reminded that prior to Russell, she had a five-year relationship with a woman. Taylor explains that she is open to all people and jokes that Jenn can’t top that fun fact.

Jenn explains that she used to be a flight attendant, and interestingly enough, so did Gina! Gina is hopeful that this connection can help a friendship grow, despite the way things started out between the two of them. We learn that Jenn met her first husband while she was a flight attendant and they dated long-distance. Gina is trying to see the deeper side of Jenn and is enjoying this version.

Shannon excuses herself, claiming that she has to make a phone call because the person to watch her 18-year-old kids doesn’t show up. The women suggest Shannon call John, her boyfriend, and this causes the women to question their relationship. In reality, Shannon leaves the table to rev up the fun and get the party started… her words, not mine.

Shannon meets the group at the saloon in her flapper outfit, and they throw back some shots in the world’s quietest and emptiest bar in all the land. Tama and Shannon toast to a new beginning… again… and do another shot. According to Shannon, it feels like the last 2.5 years of drama did not exist.

However, the newest drama between Heather and Taylor is just getting started. Taylor questions if Heather didn’t want to be in her movie because she’s a “rookie actress,” but Heather tells Taylor this is a Taylor issue. According to Heather, usually more people would have been in contact with her and Heather reminds Taylor that this is not Taylor’s movie. This is something that she “cooked up in” her mind that has nothing to do with Heather.

After all of that, Taylor STILL invites Heather to be a part of the film, which is baffling considering Taylor claims she is mad at Heather. When Heather learns that the director wanted a casting tape, she nearly flips. She wonders how Taylor’s IMDb would be good enough for a role, but she requires a casting tape. Heather believes that Taylor looking up her IMDb seems “punitive,” and of course, Tamra calls Taylor out. “When you looked at her IMDb you didn’t think it was that impressive.” Heather feels that Taylor’s behavior is anti-female and rude, and she makes it clear she was excited for Taylor. Heather is more annoyed that Taylor offered her a role that was not hers to offer AND then sh*t talked her career. Heather DOES have a point… to be continued…