David Beador Demands Wife Lesley Vacate $15 Million Mansion as She Accuses Him of Shutting Off Credit Cards and Requests He Pays $32K a Month in Support Amid Divorce

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David Beador Demands Lesley Vacate $15 Mill Mansion as She Requests He Pay $32K Monthly Support

Shannon Beador’s ex-husband David Beador requested that his estranged wife Lesley Beador vacate his mansion, and he refused to reinstate her credit cards as Lesley demands he pay $32,000 a month in support, according to a report.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County husband filed for divorce in May, before Lesley asked for a temporary restraining order, claiming he once became physical with Lesley’s mom.

Per court docs via Radar Online, David asked the court to make Lesley fulfill her promise to leave their marital home by June 30.

The outlet previously reported that Lesley had agreed to this move-out date, but recently she asked the court for an allowance to stay in the home till September, in order to find a rental.

The ex said David has multiple homes, and her delayed move-out would not harm him. Additionally, Lesley claimed he’s now staying at Montage Laguna Beach, a luxury hotel with rooms that cost up to $1,200 a night.

Lesley stated, “David has the financial means to do so, but I cannot provide suitable housing for Anna and I without David’s financial support.”

She requested that no third parties be present with David at drop off or pick up at the police station, and alleged David is hiring a monitor whose purpose, she believes, is to harass her. The former Bravo star opposed the move.

Lesley claimed her agreement to move out at that date was made when she still could access a joint back account, and credit cards for Chevron and Home Depot. She said, however, that her ex shut off the credit cards and closed the joint back account after the agreement was executed.

According to legal papers via the outlet, she also asked the court for $32,000 each month – $22,000 for child support and $10,000 for spousal support – plus an additional $10,000 for assistance in moving out.

She additionally requested that David pay $25,000 to cover Lesley’s legal bills, and claimed David is being represented by four attorneys while she struggles to pay for just one.

David responded by opposing the reinstatement of his wife’s credit cards, and claimed one of the cards was shut off before the divorce was served.

He also claimed they had a prenuptial agreement, which allegedly provides her $10,000 a month for support, and he paid Lesley $40,000 in advance – amid their deal to help the ex get a new home.

He claimed that, a few days later, Lesley requested more provisions, as well as additional time before leaving the home.

“It is clear that Lesley will say or do anything that will prolong her rent-free continued use of a $15 million home in Laguna Beach,” said the motion.

David alleged he offered her $103,000 to return a Mercedes G-Wagon that is currently in her possession, though she hasn’t agreed to the offer. David also accused his estranged wife of “hold[ing] the threat of public humiliation” as a “means to extract more money.”

According to David’s new petition, the official reason for the divorce was irreconcilable differences, and September 15 was their date of separation. He’s demanding joint legal and physical custody of their daughter.

As of now, the judge hasn’t yet decided on a ruling.

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