RHOC: David Beador’s Wife Lesley Beador Accuses Him of Physical Abuse as They File Restraining Orders Against Each Other, Shocking Details Are Revealed Amid More Allegations

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David Beador and Estranged Wife Lesley File Restraining Orders Against Each Other With Lesley Accusing RHOC Alum of Physical and "Sexual Abuse" and David Claiming She's Trying to "Extort" Him

David Beador and his estranged wife, Lesley Beador, filed temporary restraining orders against one another on Tuesday, each accusing the other of abuse.

Following their dueling divorce filings last month, Lesley sought restraining orders for herself, the 2-year-old daughter she shares with the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Anna, her two oldest kids, Andris, 14, and Inga, 8, her mother, Diana Cook, and her dogs as David did the same for himself and Anna.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six on June 9, Lesley claimed in her request that David has physically “abused” her, her children, and their dogs, “physically hit” and called her mom “derogatory names,” and “threatened” and “sexually abused” her.

“I believe my mother is in great bodily harm and is continually harassed by [David],” Lesley alleged.

She also said he’s “destroyed” her property and “controlled” her, even going as far as to keep her from getting food and having access to money, and making money for herself.

In addition to her own account, Lesley attached a letter from Priscella Jaen, a licensed clinical social worker, who said Lesley showed her “several pieces of evidence documenting erratic behavior” over the past “12 months,” including “photographs with bruising on her body.”

According to Jaen, David “utilized physical aggression toward Lesley’s immediate family” and had “ongoing display(s) of confusing, unpredictable, and inflammatory behavior.”

“Despite exchanges [of their daughter, Anna] being at the Laguna Beach Police Department, David presents as erratic, volatile, angry, hostile, uncooperative, shaky, threatening, and not of sound mind,” she stated, adding that David supposedly left Anna “on the sidewalk” on one occasion and allegedly changed the child’s clothes “in front of several police officers” on another.

The social worker said she feels that Lesley and her daughter are “in an unstable, high-conflict, harassing and threatening situation and environment” with David, who is believed to own several guns.

Meanwhile, in a request of his own, David asked the court to “deny [Lesley’s] request for a restraining order and grant [his] request,” stating that her filing is “purely retaliatory” and a response to his divorce filing (which was made after Lesley’s) and request for custody of Anna.

David also said that his team contacted Lesley’s counsel to inform them that he would file a restraining order against her. And, in response, David’s team reportedly learned that her team would be doing the same. However, that same day, the two of them “came to an agreement” and “signed a stipulation.”

Unfortunately, according to David, Lesley “changed her mind and is unhappy with the agreement [they] entered into last week.” But, according to Lesley, she became unhappy after signing the stipulation because he allegedly “made threats, [harassed] and [created] a hostile environment” for her and Anna.

David went on to admit that he and his estranged wife have had “intense and heated arguments,” and said Lesley was guilty of “slapping” him in front of a “scared” Anna and Inga.

“I now genuinely fear for my safety and that of Anna’s to the point that I have no choice but to bring this request,” David wrote in his document, adding that Lesley is “attempting to extort” him and saying that he “constantly separating then reconciling” has “done damage.”

In a statement to Page Six after the filing, Lesley said, “Divorcing a narcissist is never easy. It’s messy. But worth the peace my family now feels at home. We are no longer walking on eggshells and waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under us.”

Back in August 2022, Lesley’s ex-husband, Eriks Pukke, filed for a restraining order against David as well.

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