Melissa Gorga Addresses Dolores Catania’s “Sleep With One Eye Open” Comment at RHONJ Reunion and Calls Jacqueline “Crazy”

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Melissa Gorga Responds to Dolores Catania’s “Sleep with One Eye Open” Remark During RHONJ Reunion, Says "I'm Not Scared of Anyone" as She Calls Former Costar Jacqueline Laurita “Crazy”

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Melissa Gorga is responding to a remark that co-star Dolores Catania said during part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

The reality star says that Dolores’ comment was taken out of context and the two are not on the verge of a feud.

During part two of the RHONJ reunion, Melissa revealed a derogatory text message that RHONJ alum Jacqueline Laurita sent to her co-star, Jackie Goldschneider, attacking her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. Teresa and Jaqueline have since reconciled their broken friendship.

In the text, Jaqueline calls Teresa “stupid but very calculating” and “a low life trash bucket.”

This prompted Dolores to mutter, “Sleep with one eye open. This is bad for you, Melissa. You’re going down.”

According to Melissa, who says she didn’t even hear the remark at the time, Dolores wasn’t insinuating that she was going to go after her. Instead, she was warning Melissa about the potential fallout she was going to incur from Jaqueline for revealing the text message.

“[I] didn’t even realize [she] said it,” Melissa revealed on the June 8 episode of her On Display with Melissa Gorga podcast. “A lot of people were concerned with [Dolores], and like, what she was talking about.”

“She was referring to Jacqueline,” Melissa clarified. “She was referring to the fact, that like, Jacqueline is crazy. And ‘sleep with one eye open’ because now Jaqueline is going to make 15 [social media] accounts to attack you all day.”

Had she heard Dolores’ comment, Melissa said she knew exactly how she would have responded.

“I would have looked at her and said, ‘I’m not scared of anyone. I’m speaking my truth today.’ That’s that. She’s not saying that towards me, she was kind of saying like, ‘Woof, be very afraid because Jacqueline’s coming for you after this.’”

As Reality Blurb previously reported, Jacqueline addressed the text message reveal in the comments section of an Instagram post, and she slammed Melissa for trying to instigate more drama.

Jaqueline called the ‘two years old” text “so irrelevant.” She added, “It’s no secret that we’ve said a lot of horrible things about each other both publicly and privately when we hated each other

Jacqueline claims to not understand why Melissa is trying to “highlight something she has said herself” before throwing Jackie into the mix, matter-of-factly stating that the former attorney has also said nasty things about Teresa.

“I’m so happy Teresa and I have resolved things since then and are back to being ‘Lucy and Ethel’ like we always should have been,” Jacqueline stated of their February 2023 reconciliation.

Despite Melissa revealing the text, Jaqueline insists that her newly rekindled friendship has “nothing to do with [their] mutual disdain for Melissa.”