Jacqueline Laurita Slams Melissa Gorga for Leaking Text About Teresa at RHONJ Reunion, Talks Jackie and Says She’s “So Happy” She and Teresa Made Amends

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Jacqueline Laurita Slams Melissa for Leaking "Irrelevant" Text About Teresa at RHONJ Reunion, Talks Jackie and Says She's "So Happy" She and Teresa Made Amends

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Jacqueline Laurita is speaking out about the text message Melissa Gorga leaked at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

Following Tuesday’s episode of part two, which featured Melissa reading a mean message Jacqueline had written about Teresa Giudice years before the two of them made amends, and after the leak of messages between Jacqueline and Jackie Goldschneider, Jacqueline slammed Melissa for sharing her “irrelevant” statements from years ago.

“SO irrelevant! A 2 year old text! It’s no secret that we’ve said a lot of horrible things about each other both publicly and privately when we hated each other. So has Melissa, so I’m not sure why she is highlighting something she has said herself… and she’s family. (Jackie too!),” Jacqueline wrote in a comment shared by Taste of Reality on Instagram. “I’m so happy Teresa and I have resolved things since then and are back to being Lucy and Ethel for life like we always should have been.”

“Can’t wait for you to visit me in CA Teresa! (Off camera),” she added.

Jacqueline Laurita Responds to Melissa Leaking Text at RHONJ Reunion

On Tuesday’s episode of the RHONJ reunion, Melissa read the message from Jacqueline after Teresa suggested she and Joe Gorga were somehow involved in her 2015 incarceration.

“I know I shouldn’t care, but her arrogance, voice and the fact she gets away with too much after being a nasty a**hole bothers me. She is a low life trash bucket. She’s stupid, but also very calculating. Even with her two facelifts, eye lift, nose job, shaved forehead, Botox, fillers, and new boobs she is still so ugly and thinks she’s a goddess. Lol! No, I’m not bitter at all! Lol! Every time I see something on her, it irritates me all over again. (OBVIOUSLY! Lol!) She’s infamous for being a dumb, classless train wreck. She doesn’t get it,” Jacqueline had written.

And in texts between herself and Jackie, Jacqueline was just as anti-Teresa, describing her as the “worst human.”

“I hate how everyone kisses her a– and bows down to her … She’s trash,” she stated.

“If everyone would quit kissing her a– and letting her rule and instead just stand up to her and say how they really feel about her, it would be awesome!” Jacqueline continued. “They are just followers. It’s actually pathetic. She’s not even the cool girl at school. She’s a joke to laugh at because of how dumb she is.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion concludes next Tuesday, June 13, with part three at 8/7c on Bravo.