RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider’s Alleged Texts About Teresa Are Leaked, See the Shocking Claims She Told Jacqueline as Jacqueline Suggests Dolores is Two-Faced Over Teresa & Shares Status With Teresa Today

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RHONJ's Jackie Goldschneider Suggests Teresa is "Anti-Semite" as She Blasts Her in Leaked Texts to Jacqueline as Jacqueline Suspects Jealousy and Reveals Where They Stand Now

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Jackie Goldschneider lashed out at Teresa Giudice in a series of text messages to Jacqueline Laurita in early 2021, around two years before Jacqueline made amends with the longtime Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member.

As Melissa Gorga leaked a text stream of her own on part two of the season 13 reunion, in which Jacqueline was seen speaking ill of Teresa, a number of others were posted online, one of which featured Jackie accusing Teresa of being a “piece of garbage” and “an anti-Semite.”

Speaking to All About the Real Housewives on June 7, Jacqueline noted that because both she and Teresa had spoken poorly about one another before making amends months ago, she’s not sure what Melissa’s messages were supposed to prove.

As RHONJ fans saw on Tuesday night, Melissa shared Jacqueline’s messages to Jackie after Teresa accused her and her husband, Joe Gorga, of being involved in the investigation that led her and Joe Giudice to spend time behind bars for fraud.

“Hi honey, It’s Jackie. Just wanted to make sure you have my cell number! Sometimes my manager reads my Instagram messages since he does my social media. He is friends with some of the other women so I like to keep stuff private. Wish you’d come back to [RHONJ] and destroy that b-tch with me. Sending love!” Jackie had written to Jacqueline in one of her messages.

According to All About the Real Housewives, Jackie sent several messages to Jacqueline during her estrangement from Teresa, potentially in an effort to set her up. However, at this point in time, despite the leaked messages, she and Teresa are better than ever. And Teresa has no hard feelings toward Jacqueline due to the things she said.

In a series of text messages between Jackie and Jacqueline shared by The Real Moms of Bravo on Instagram, Jacqueline slammed Teresa as “the worst human” as Jackie said she’s “never met a bigger piece of garbage in my entire life.”

“I hate how everyone kisses her a– and bows down to her … She’s trash,” Jacqueline agrees.

According to Jackie, she was “constantly standing alone” on RHONJ because everyone is “terrified” of Teresa.

“It’s mind numbing how stupid she is,” she added.

Then, as Jacqueline admitted to being disappointed with Dolores Catania, who “used to say so much behind Teresa’s back and then got on camera and kissed her a–,” Jackie suggested her RHONJ castmate was actually against Jews.

“She’s an anti-Semite but I’ve never said it out loud,” Jackie stated. “She treats me like I don’t belong anywhere near her group of friends. It’s infuriating. She takes all her aggression out on me.”

In response, Jacqueline suggested Jackie’s name was triggering to Teresa and suspected she was jealous of Jackie.

“If everyone would quit kissing her a– and letting her rule and instead just stand up to her and say how they really feel about her, it would be awesome!” Jacqueline continued. “They are just followers. It’s actually pathetic. She’s not even the cool girl at school. She’s a joke to laugh at because of how dumb she is. You are the only one with the balls to stand up to her. She can’t outsmart you, out class you, look as good as you, have the family love you do, have the money you do, the education you do, or ever have anything as good as you! Therefore, she hates you.”

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In another text, shared by All About the Real Housewives of Instagram, Jackie tells Jacqueline that while she and Teresa “agreed to move past” their issues, she doesn’t see the two of them forming a true friendship.

“I don’t think she likes me. I don’t think [we’ll] ever really be friends. It’s just a nightmare being on the show when she tries to take you down, so if I can stay away from that I will,” she stated.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion concludes next Tuesday, June 13, with part three at 8/7c on Bravo.