RHOC Recap: Tamra Claims Jennifer’s Boyfriend Wanted to F-ck Her First, Gina Accuses Tamra of Maligning Heather as Heather Warns a Triggered Gina of Ruining Her Relationship With Travis

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Tamra Claims Jennifer's Boyfriend Wanted Her First; Heather Warns a Triggered Gina of Ruining Her Relationship With Travis

After Heather said “f*ck you” to Taylor, things are off to a less than smooth start for the group on this Montana trip. But it’s not just beef between Heather and Taylor that’s causing chaos on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Gina gets called out for inserting herself, and Jennifer learns something new about her relationship.

This episode continues in the saloon — right after Tamra lets everyone know that Taylor was essentially mocking Heather’s IMDb page. Taylor tells Heather she doesn’t want this to turn into a thing, but alas, it’s too late, as Tamra gets her hands all up in it. Tamra follows Heather into the bathroom, and Heather questions if Tamra was also taking jabs at her acting past. Of course, Tamra lies to Heather’s face, but the reality is, Tamra took a shot at Heather’s career, too, and production inserts the clip to prove Tamra is guilty. Heather believes Tamra because she wants to, and the group outing wraps up.

Late-night snacking leads to a revival of Tamra and Shannon getting along again. Shannon admits she gets sucked into Tamra’s friendship when they are around each other, but she remains leery of getting too close too fast.

Over at the bunkhouse, Taylor reflects on what happened with Heather earlier. Jennifer and Gina feel like Taylor is taking all the heat, but Tamra was up in the IMDbing drama also. Gina, particularly, can’t understand how Tamra always gets away with all the crap she does and realizes that this is just a Tamra trait.

The villa girls get to talking about the others, a favorite hobby and interest of theirs. Shannon believes Jennifer is a bit insecure, and Tamra agrees that Jenn always puts herself down. Tamra spills that Ryan cheated on Jennifer, and Shannon is aghast.

In fact, Tamra claims Ryan is “known as the town whore.” Tamra goes on to say that when she first met Ryan, he walked into her gym, pointed at her, and said, “I’m gonna f*ck her,” even after learning Tamra was married.  Anddd, two months later, Ryan ends up with Jenn.  Bombshell.

The next morning, Tamra is kicking herself for all the tequila shots, and Gina checks in on Emily, who is absent from the trip due to COVID. Gina keeps Emily in the loop, and Emily serves as Gina’s voice of reason (or brain) when she reminds her that Tamra tends to throw others under the bus to save herself.

After Shannon (somehow, despite being hungover) whips up breakfast for the ladies, Tamra explains that the ladies in the group will work as if they are on a farm… and yes, that means shoveling you-know-what. Gina, Heather, and Jenn learn how to do some “arena work” and trailer cleaning. Even Fancy Pants gets in on the sh*t shoveling!

In the meantime, Tamra, Shannon, and Taylor get working on tractors. Shannon reminds Tamra what she said the night before about Ryan wanting to f*ck her, and Tamra does not seem upset that the information got out.  But, Tamra isn’t quite sure what to do with that information. She knows exactly what saying that out loud would do, though…

Gina is trying hard to get back into Heather’s good graces. Gina wants to be sure Heather is okay after all the IMDb drama (caused mainly by Tamra), and she reminds Heather that Tamra is known for this kind of action. Heather has decided to let it go, despite Gina’s warnings about Tamra’s behavior.

After all the “work,” Jenn, Heather, and Gina sit down to eat and drink. Gina lets Jenn know that she is happy to learn who Jenn is beyond the infidelity. Gina explains that she gets triggered by Jenn’s marriage and cheating.  As Jenn and Gina deep-dive into this serious conversation, Heather catches Tamra before she can enter the chat and lets her know the topic of conversation. Because Tamra is not ready to have Jenn hear about Ryan’s comment yet, she books it and allows the two to continue.

Jenn lets Gina know, “My past may not make sense, but it’s not my job to make you feel good about it.” Gina tells Jenn that she does doubt some of the things she has been saying, and Gina further states that Tamra says things like, “Jenn has a strange relationship with the truth.” Who throws people under buses now, Gina?! Jenn is irked because she thought Tamra was her friend. She cannot believe that Tamra went behind her back! Jenn is appreciative that Gina had an honest convo with her, but she promises Tamra will hear about how upset she is.

Back in the O.C., Emily is out of her COVID bubble, and Annabelle, her daughter, is ready to start modeling, in hopes of her being a little less “feral.”  Her words, not mine. We learn that Emily did some modeling back in her law school days, and Shane did a talk show in his garage. Even Emily didn’t know that!

The Montana crew is glamming for the night, and they learn, through Tamra, that they need to pack an overnight bag with flannel jammies. Shannon pulls Tamra aside to chat and talks about the confusion she has felt since getting back to a friendship with her. Shannon is not forgetting all the bad things Tamra has said about her. Tamra explains that she was going through the worst time of her life and that she just wanted to be “heard.” The reunion reminds Tamra and Shannon just how special their bond is.

Tamra gets all the ladies out to the campground and announces that they will be sleeping in tents. And on top of that, they will be cooking their dinner over the fire.  It’s a good thing they got all glammed up for this meal of bison and trout. The ladies chop wood, play bags, and lasso — just like true cowgirls — and it takes the sun going down for Tamra to confront Taylor.

Tamra is not pleased with how Gina said she and Taylor were making fun of Heather’s acting career. Gina is trying to insert herself because she was trying to be a good friend to Heather. Heather jumps in and thanks Gina for having her back, but she reminds Gina that she said Tamra has a pattern of doing this sort of thing.  Gina is perplexed by how this turned on HER.

And when Jenn steps in to confront Tamra about “fueling the fire of her life,” Tamra doubles down and shouts that Ryan said, “I’m gonna f*ck her.” Jenn wants to know why this convo never happened sooner, but Tamra explains it’s because Eddie didn’t know. Tamra cannot be stopped, and she blurts out that allegedly Jenn’s ex, Will, showed up at a parking lot and caught Jenn and Ryan together.

Although Jenn swears nothing happened, there was still an emotional affair going on between her and Ryan. Gina freaks out and says that Jenn DID walk away from her marriage the minute she was in a car receiving a gift from another man other than her husband. Heather adamantly agrees with Gina on this topic and runs to Gina’s side. When Gina tries to call Travis, Heather snatches the phone and hangs up on him. “This is not a Travis moment.” Heather goes on to tell a very upset Gina that she believes it is not fair for Travis and that she has “some work to do” about things that happened years ago. Heather reminds Gina that Travis is her boyfriend, not her therapist, and she needs to understand that there is a potential of ruining the relationship. Talk about tough love in a friendship.

Tamra pulls Jenn aside and tells her the bottom line is she’s “worried.” Riiight. Tamra says she knows someone Ryan sent a d*ck pic to, but Jenn explains it away as a joke and says he accidentally sent it to someone else. Jenn admits that Ryan has never been able to commit to a relationship and that she wants to move forward with Tamra. Although the relationship between her and Tamra may be fixed, this exposure is DEFINITELY not helping her relationship with Ryan…