RHOA Recap: Kim Boasts About ‘Great Marriage’ and Denies Home Foreclosure as She Returns With Lisa and Deshawn, Plus Kenya Introduces Brooklyn to Roi

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RHOA Recap: Kim Boasts About ‘Great Marriage’ and Denies Home Foreclosure as She Returns With Lisa and Deshawn, Plus Sanya Raises 78K for Charity

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, things are supposed to be picking up based on the midseason trailer. Let us watch the episode titled “Better Late Than Ugly,” and let’s determine if it is better that RHOA is late to the table this season, or are we destined to deal with just the ugly?

Sheree has her sister and daughter providing emotional support so she can get acupuncture done, which might help with her fibroid issues. She prefers using natural holistic approaches to improve her health. Sheree looks fantastic and she clearly takes diligent care of herself — but her boyfriend picker has been severely neglected based upon her choices. She surprised me when she was such a chicken getting it done.

Marlo has already received a “morning text” from her date Scotley. She is excited that he has already reached out after their first date. Marlo is afraid to be vulnerable since she believes that her weaknesses can be used against her. She should be more afraid of when Scotley watches RHOA clips showing Marlo in rare form.

Sanya is preparing for her Mommi Nation event, which will provide support for single moms. She is teaming up with a woman who provides a private school education to homeless children. Sanya has host issues since her host is ill with COVID. She needs a big personality, and Kenya’s name gets thrown out. They need someone who is going to be comfortable getting the crowd to donate to this worthwhile charity. Production provides us with a clip of Kenya telling Sanya that she needs to prove herself to Kenya before she will befriend her. The delusion is real, and Sanya has proven herself multiple times with her impressive career.

Kenya is shooting a commercial where she’s dressed as a cheerleader and using the choreography that Monyetta planned for the Magic City game. O-M-G, Brooklyn is too darn cute in the matching costume. Kenya is getting a surprise when the very handsome Roi shows up. She is giddy around him, and she appreciates him showing up for her. Sanya calls Kenya and asks her to host her auction, and Kenya accepts the assignment with the following codicil: Next time, Kenya wants Sanya to book her through her agent. Side note: This is a damn charity event– get over yourself, Twirl!

Drew shares with her mom Jeanette and sister Allison that Josiah was named a model student at school. She then shares Allison’s resume with us, which is impressive. Drew lets Allison know that she had to do it all when Allison was taking care of her mental health issues. Allison shares what led to her stay in a psychiatric hospital. She gets emotional sharing that she never dealt with that trauma. Allison is 20 years older than Drew, and she never knew the pain her big sister was in.

Sheree, Lisa Wu, DeShawn, and the resurrected blow-up doll Kim come together to try to save our peaches’ sinking ship. Kim comes in gyrating and looking super skinny. She needs to retire clothes that make her look like she is on the prowl. Kim will never be like the true Queen Olivia Newton-John who can carry off the leather catsuit. R.I.P. Sheree says the ladies in this group are real friends, which I find hard to believe. She wants them to consider a trip to Portugal, and adding these ladies would spice it up.

Kim acts surprised that Kenya is still around and is pissed at her for coming for her kids. She says that she is still happily married, but I did catch that she was a little less sure of it with this answer. Kim gets asked about losing her house for just $200K, and she continues to lie and deny just like the old days. Deshawn and Lisa got divorced when they left the show, and it seemed like their storylines peaked when they left. They ask Sheree about Martell, and she fumbles out an answer. Side note: I would liken this table, which is missing one guest, to the Peach Island of Lost Toys — with Kim being the Wack-in-the-box. Lisa would be a good Housewife to bring back since DeShawn was not on long enough to see if she can hold her own.

Sanya has arrived at her venue, and she has her long-suffering sister Shari doing her hair. She acknowledges that she has been making demands, and Shari always picks up the slack. They break into Patois when they are talking, and you can see their relationship is very strained. Sanya apologizes to her sister and breaks down in tears when she realizes that it is difficult to mix business with pleasure. Sanya wonders where her hostess with the mostess is, and she finds out that Kenya is holding out since she does not want to be separated from her plus one at the event. In her ITM, Kenya says better late than ugly, hence the title of the episode.

Marlo shares with the ladies what happened on her date with Scotley. Kandi arrives, and she mentions she had a show the previous night. She really has a full plate with all her commitments. Kenya is over an hour late, and Sanya must jump up to grab the mic. She finally showed up 1 hour and 30 minutes late, and that was beyond rude and unprofessional. Sanya gives an award for motherhood to Sheree, and Kairo sweetly thanks his mom for being so awesome, and it makes us all swoon.

Kenya gets introduced, and she comes up in her crumpled red dress, which Marlo wittily likens to the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. She was late to the event for this look? Kenya has already collected $50K from her table to donate, but Drew looks a little concerned about coming up with $7K to make it happen. Kandi matches Kenya’s bid to help raise more money. Sanya has raised $78K, which is impressive.

The episode closes with the midseason trailer showing Drew shooting her scene in Todd’s movie, which looks super sexy. Sanya is pregnant, which is great news. Ralph says that Drew needs to appreciate him, or they are getting a divorce. Drew is accused of having an affair with a female basketball player. Let us hope the rest of the season picks up because I am losing patience with this show. Have a wonderful week, Blurbers, and see you next week in the ATL!