RHOC Recap: Gina Cries After Feeling Betrayed by Heather and Tamra Accuses Heather of Being Jealous of Rekindled Friendship With Shannon, Plus Ryan Denies Saying He Wants to F-ck Tamra

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RHOC Recap: Gina Cries After Feeling Betrayed by Heather and Tamra Accuses Heather of Being Jealous of Rekindled Friendship With Shannon, Plus Ryan Denies Saying He Wants to F-ck Tamra

Is Heather concerned or calculated? On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Jennifer tries to navigate Tamra bad-mouthing her relationship, and Gina attempts to figure out where she stands with Heather. The Montana trip may be wrapping up, but all the drama that erupted from it will follow the ladies back into the O.C.

Gina is triggered by Jenn’s *questionable* relationship beginnings, and so she excuses herself from the group and tries to call Travis, her boyfriend. Heather runs to Gina’s aid and tells her, “Travis can’t be that guy for you.” Heather equal parts coddles and scolds Gina, making her feel like if Gina calls Travis for every little issue that upsets her, eventually he will become tired of her. Ouch.

Gina explains that everything that happened between her and her ex, Matt, was a “bad dream.” Gina believes that Travis can tolerate all the things that have happened (and are happening) in her past. She pretends like she has moved on from all her struggles, but she admits that there are days that trigger her and remind her of her past. She realizes that it’s never going to disappear, but Heather reminds her that she is allowed to feel a type of way about the situation… just leave Travis out of it…

Later, Tamra believes that things went well with Jenn… well, as well as they could go considering Tamra just told Jenn her boyfriend initially wanted to sleep with her. Tamra lets Heather and Shannon know that “by the way, she’s [Jenn] not the only married woman he f*cked in my gym.” Yea, Tamra, you look a bit like a sh*t stirrer, but she claims that she is only trying to look out for Jenn.

Cool Heather passes a joint around to the crew, and the ladies, in their matching jammies, plop down and have some grub. Shannon checks in on Gina to be sure she is not upset with her, but Gina explains it was more the situation that rocked her. The ladies refuse to sleep in the tents, and therefore, they head back to their luxurious sleeping quarters, and according to the slo-mo videos of the evening’s antics, they rage until nearly 5 a.m.

The next morning, Jenn phones the infamous Ryan. Jenn is tired of the group “digging up bones” and lets Ryan know that she had a hard time last night. She is finding it especially difficult to define her friendship with Tamra, since according to Jenn, Tamra has been purposely going below the belt. Is Tamra really Jenn’s friend? Jenn decides to wait to tell Ryan about what Tamra claims he said about wanting to f*ck her, but we can assume there will be lots of denials involved.

The girls split up, and Jenn winds up with Tamra and Taylor. Fingers crossed for fun during the whitewater rafting adventure. Things are going less than smoothly since Tamra yells out, “I think I just sh*t myself.” On top of that, Kevin, their tour guide, had an issue with his shorts, and his balls are hanging out. #nature.

In the meantime, Shannon, Gina, and Heather begin fly fishing after getting suited up in their waders. It’s like the three stooges watching them attempt to fish, as they fall over themselves and don’t catch a single fish.

The last night in the saloon calls for a country chic dinner, and the ladies begin to go around the table discussing the highs and lows of the trip. Shannon states her high is reconnecting with Tamra, and Heather’s high is shoveling sh*t — an odd choice that she tries to explain unsuccessfully. Heather’s low is feeling left out because Tamra has become close with Shannon again. I’m sorry, what? It’s not when she fought with Taylor?! Weird.

So, is Heather excluded or is she just being sensitive? Tamra believes that Heather is being jealous, and Shannon feels like Heather sees a lot of competition with her… always has. Shannon lets Heather know that she is angry about Heather’s supposed “low point” of the trip, especially after what she went through with Taylor. Heather claims she didn’t want to go back “there” with Taylor, but Shannon is offended because it seems like Heather is trying to drive a wedge between the newly reunited friends.

Heather explains that she has two separate relationships with Tamra and Shannon, and she worries about where she fits now that the ladies have rekindled their friendship. Def sounds like a jealousy issue to me.

Taylor’s the next to go for the highs/lows, and she apologizes for any confusion about the movie business with Heather. Heather asks that Taylor come to her directly next time, and it seems to be water under the bridge.

Jenn’s high is meeting a new group of women, but she states that her low is being a trigger for Gina. Gina becomes emotional talking about how she didn’t have a lot of time to process the breakup with her ex, and Shannon worries about her. Heather says she is not too sure how much longer Travis will put up with Gina’s issues, and Gina wonders if Heather is really her true friend after making such cutting comments.

The return back to Orange County brings us on a hike with Eddie and Tamra. Eddie is happy to report that all the CUT Fitness stuff is behind them, and he is very much looking forward to having a Vena CBD office so he has a place to work. Tamra tells Eddie how great she got along with Shannon, and she explains that Jenn was in the hot seat a lot. Tamra goes on to tell Eddie what Ryan said about wanting to f*ck her, and to that, Eddie explains that one of Ryan’s OWN FRIENDS told Eddie to keep an eye on Tamra since Ryan likes to go after married women. Tamra and Eddie cannot understand why Jenn would still want to be with Ryan, especially after Ryan cheated on her.

Emily is bringing stage mom vibes when she takes her daughter Annabelle to her modeling gig. Emily would love her to be the new Gigi, but she admits that because of genetics (thanks, Shane), Annabelle may not hit supermodel status… and height requirements.

Jenn makes her way over to Ryan’s house, and she is bursting at the seams to fill him in on what occurred in Montana. Jenn lets Ryan know the comment Tamra claims Ryan made, and Ryan definitely needs to work on his poker face. He laughs his way through the *unbelievable statement,* and Ryan even offers to talk to Eddie to clarify this statement is untrue. Regarding Ryan’s d*ck pic that Tamra brought up, Ryan claims that he made a mistake and simply wanted to send it to Jenn. He states that “jealousy is a b*tch.” Ryan doesn’t even want to entertain people making stuff up about their relationship, but they are both hurt and annoyed by Tamra, who they thought was their friend.

Gina explains to Travis that she has not recovered from Montana. She discusses how she is upset with Heather, and she feels like their friendship is all turned around. Things have been weird with Heather lately, according to Gina, and even though Gina has tried to put more effort into their friendship, things got awkward.

Heather made Gina feel like she couldn’t talk to Travis about her issues, and Gina is confused. She can’t understand why Heather did not call her to check in on her, especially after Heather told a very upset Gina that she couldn’t call her number one guy. Who is Gina supposed to vent to then?! Travis lets Gina know that it’s okay for her to lean on him since he is “her person,” which is adorable. Gina cries and worries if everything will stay good with Travis, and she explains how she lives feeling like the bottom is going to go out since her relationship with Travis is so good. Gina can’t decipher how and why Heather would claim Gina is being a bad friend, when, in Gina’s opinion, Heather is the one who is dropping the ball on their friendship.