REPORT: Schwartz & Sandy Owner Hopes to Replace Tom Sandoval as Staffer Slams Him as a “Coward,” Plus Sandoval Reacts to Singer Adele Dissing Him

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REPORT: Schwartz & Sandy Owner Hopes to Replace Tom Sandoval as Staffer Slams Him as a "Coward," Plus Sandoval Reacts to Singer Adele Dissing Him

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Tom Sandoval may be on his way out at Schwartz and Sandy’s less than a year after opening the venue with his longtime friend and Vanderpump Rules co-star, Tom Schwartz, 40.

After the venue was faced with backlash due to his months-long affair with Raquel Leviss, 28, the then-best friend of his former girlfriend, Ariana Madix, 38, a staffer is speaking out against Sandoval, 40, as the reality star and performer reacts to Adele’s suggestion that he’s “trash.”

“I didn’t see [her comments]. I heard it was like, she was asking the crowd about our show and somebody came up and basically gave her the run-down and I don’t know, I heard it was just the person in the audience that said something. I didn’t think it was her,” Sandoval told TMZ while out in the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday.

During a Las Vegas show last month, Adele asked audience members of Sandoval, “What does that man do?” She also suggested he’s “trash” for cheating on Ariana, which Sandoval couldn’t argue.

“I would think anybody who’s been told a certain story about me would think the exact same thing. I can’t knock her for that,” he admitted, praising Adele as a “very, very talented woman” and confirming he’d “definitely enjoy an Adele show.”

In other Pump Rules news, Schwartz & Sandy’s management is reportedly ready to see Sandoval go.

On July 11, a Schwartz & Sandy’s staffer told The U.S. Sun that while Schwartz, 40, has been at the venue frequently, employees don’t like or respect Sandoval.

“Sandoval hasn’t been in at all since the scandal. Tom Schwartz is in here all the time and seems to really care, we all love Schwartz. But everyone who works here thinks Sandoval is a total joke,” they stated. “No one here has respect for him. We think it’s embarrassing to be attached to him and everyone would love for him to bow out and not be involved at all. The whole staff talks about him behind his back, no one thinks he’s smart or a good business person and he bailed on the restaurant when things got bad so he’s a coward also.”

“I mean, how can you show your face at your business when no one on the staff respects you and the owners don’t want you here?” they added. “The owners are actively looking for ways to push him out. It will happen inevitably.”

Meanwhile, a second source close to management noted that co-owner Greg Morris hopes to replace Sandoval.

“The owners want nothing more than to get Sandoval out of the business. He’s done nothing to contribute and has only hurt everything and everyone. Everything has been chaotic behind the scenes and so unorganized but it’s getting better,” they shared. “Business took a huge dip for a while and it was really slow but it’s picked back up recently. The crowds have been pretty steady lately.”

As Pump Rules fans may have seen, Sandoval seemingly shaded Greg, suggesting he “stubs his toe and [he] ruins [everything],” while filming a scene with Schwartz earlier this month

Before that, Greg had slammed Sandoval in a TikTok interview with The Bravo Mom.

“The thing that I think makes us probably the most sad is that Ariana was the best partner we never had. She was amazing. She supported this place. She was here all the time. She did so much more than [Sandoval] did and she was such an integrated part of this place for us that we really felt like when that happened, we lost her,” he explained.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to begin airing on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.