RHONJ Alum Lauren Manzo Fires Back at Claims She Split From Husband Vito Scalia and Disables Comments on Pic as Fans React

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RHONJ’s Lauren Manzo Fires Back at Fan amid Speculation She’s Split with Husband Vito Scalia, Asserts She’s “Allowed” to Keep Parts of Her Life “Private,” as Fans React

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Lauren Manzo clapped back at a fan amid speculation she split from husband Vito Scalia, says she’s “allowed” to keep aspects of her life “private.” For a while now, rumors have swirled that the alum is no longer with Vito, the father of her 6-year-old daughter Markie.

The couple’s ups and downs were featured on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, when her mom Caroline was a full-time cast member, and their wedding was filmed by Bravo in 2015.

On her Instagram, in a post shared by @itsabravoworld on TikTok, via @allabouttrh, Lauren fired back at a fan amid speculation about her personal life.

“@divinecubanone first of all, I truly give zero f**ks if you admire me or not,” wrote the 35-year-old. “Secondly, I haven’t been on TV for 7 years.”

She went on to say, “I am allowed to keep many aspects of my life private especially after having a child,” and later expressed, “If you don’t like it then stay away from my page. Simple as that.”

Image credit: @laurenmanzo/Instagram via @itsabravoworld/TikTok via @allabouttrh/Instagram

According to @allabouttrh, Lauren also disabled comments on her Instagram.

In the comments of @allabouttrh’s post, many fans were less-than-supportive.

“She [wants to] be on social media talking about Teresa Giudice every chance she gets but mums the word about her own life that she’s put out there for the world to see,” wrote one user.

“I hate when people want to be public figures — and she does because she does interviews and has a public page — but decide that they don’t have to be open about big main things. If you want to be in the mess then you accept getting messy in your own life,” commented another.

A third fan added, “The Manzos never really shared their REAL life on tv … So why would she share reality now … Vito & his family are way too good for the Manzos.”