RHOP Star Deborah Williams Speaks Out After Fight With Keiana Stewart and Mocks Her as a Source Breaks Down Fight Footage to Reveal Who Allegedly Started It

by Adam Ragsdale
Deborah Williams Speaks Out After Altercation With Keiana Stewart Amid RHOP Filming as Source Breaks Down Footage to Reveal Who Allegedly Started Fight

Credit: Instagram

Ashley Darby’s friend Deborah Williams addressed the altercation with Wendy Osefo’s friend Keiana Stewart, and she hinted that the “whole video” was not shown. Meanwhile, a fan account broke down the released footage to show the alleged “instigator.”

TMZ reported that the police were called, and the altercation resulted in spilled blood. As of now, the details leading up to the Real Housewives of Potomac fight are being debated, though it seems tensions were high between Deborah and Candiace Dillard Bassett.

After the altercation, Deborah took to Instagram in a post shared by @queensofbravo, and she seemingly addressed Keiana. In one of her posted images, a fake nail was placed in her palm. “YOU left your nail in my REAL ponytail that you unsuccessfully could NOT rip out,” wrote Deborah over the photo.

She went on to say, “[Let me know] if you’d like it back … Now let someone leak the ‘whole’ video cuz that floor work sure was something wasn’t it SPECIAL K.”

“P.s. did you enjoy your ambulance ride (ouch),” she added, and eventually expressed, “PUNCH me in MY face FIRST – no ma’am.”

Fan account @everythinghousewives then shared a breakdown of the fight on Instagram.

“In the beginning of the released footage, Candiace is dancing and Deborah approaches her + throws a drink on her,” wrote the account. “In the end of this clip rewind, you can see Keiana pushing Deborah away after doing so.”

The account continued, “After Keiana pushes Deborah back from getting to Candiace, she continues to check Deborah for throwing the drink, which Deborah responded by throwing a glass at her face, as Candiace picks up the bottle to defend herself.”

The account eventually stated, “As you can see by the clips I’ve shown you, Deborah was both the INITIATER and INSTIGATOR of the entire situation.”