RHONY Star Erin Lichy Shades Brynn Whitfield’s Flirty “Behavior” With Husband, Slams Costar as “Icky,” and Denies Being a “Pot-Stirrer”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHONY Star Erin Lichy Addresses Brynn Whitfield’s Flirty “Behavior” With Her Husband, Shades Costar as “Icky,” and Denies Being a “Pot-Stirrer”

Credit: Cindy Ord/Bravo

Erin Lichy – a newbie on the Real Housewives of New York reboot – shaded castmate Brynn Whitfield over her allegedly flirty “behavior” with her husband in an upcoming episode.

The 36-year-old also denied being a “pot-stirrer,” despite her castmate’s recent claims, and she insisted she’s simply “direct,” though Brynn can get “icky.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram, Erin said Brynn’s flirty “behavior” with her husband “surprised” her.

“It’s just not something I would ever do,” said Erin, who suggested that the behavior was not “normal.”

She also indicated that Brynn didn’t apologize, and she explained that Brynn sometimes gets “icky.” Erin claimed her co-star “stirs up” a lot of “drama.”

Though Erin herself was described as a “pot-stirrer” by the majority of her castmates at the season premiere, she denied the accusation while speaking to HollywoodLife. “I’m not a pot-stirrer. I’m direct and I tell it like it is,” said the star.

As for Brynn, she told the same outlet, “I think I’m more intentional. I’m like, ‘You just told me something. I’m gonna go tell someone else.’ I think Erin is unintentionally the biggest pot-stirrer, and I’m intentionally the biggest pot-stirrer.”

Castmate Ubah Hassan claimed Erin “started the most drama,” though “Brynn finished” it by continually becoming involved.

In her own interview, Erin expressed her wish to show fans “that you can be direct and say what you feel without ruining friendships. There are ways to do both.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.