RHONY Cast Reveals the Biggest Pot-Stirrer of Season 14 as Brynn Reacts to Sai’s “F–k You” and Jenna Shares Who She Had the Most Drama With, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHONY Cast Reveals the Biggest Pot-Stirrer of Season 14 as Brynn Reacts to Sai's "F--k You" and Jenna Shares Who She Had the Most Drama With, & Live Viewing Thread

Credit: Gavin Bond/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City cast is revealing the biggest pot-stirrer of season 14.

During Wednesday night’s premiere party, the ladies of the show, including Jessel Taank, Jenna Lyons, Sai de Silva, Brynn Whitfield, and Ubah Hassan, teased what is to come and addressed their current relationships with one another as Andy Cohen gushed over the “fresh” and “diverse” group.

“The time had come to do something new and exciting, and fresh, and diverse, and fashionable, and interesting,” Andy explained to Extra TV at Wednesday’s premiere party.

In addition to RHONY getting its first lesbian housewife in Jenna, the Real Housewives franchise got its first Indian housewife in Jessel.

“I’m so excited that Bravo has made this sort of switch to really represent a lot of dynamic cultures and people from different walks of life,” Jessel said.

Before signing on to be a part of the RHONY cast, Jenna said she “did [her] research.”

“I knew what I was getting myself into,” Jenna said, giving a nod to the drama of the franchise. “I definitely got into it with some people. I definitely cried. I definitely had some moments that I was surprised by, but I’m actually happy that I did it because I’ve been so safe my entire life in terms of all of my choices.”

As for who Jenna got into it with the most, that honor went to Brynn.

“Brynn and I kind of had a couple moments. There were definitely a few moments where I was like, I know I’m like, more sensitive than I realize,” Jenna explained. “[But] I was shocked at how real [I kept it]. Some of the things that came out of my mouth on camera, I was shocked.”

While Jenna spoke of her drama with Brynn, Brynn looked back on the “f-ck you” she received from Sai on her birthday.

“I think when she told me to go f-ck myself at my birthday.. That was interesting. But I didn’t let it stop me,” Brynn recalled, noting that while she and Sai have been “amicable” in the months since, things have been “a little different” between them.

“Hopefully, we’re working back in the right direction,” she noted.

Then, as she answered rapid-fire questions, Brynn said Ubah was the most trustworthy on the show and that Erin Lichy was both the biggest crybaby and the biggest pot-stirrer — and Andy agreed.

“She’s definitely in the middle of a lot of sh-t,” Andy said.

But Erin explained otherwise.

“I’m direct, and I say exactly what I think or what I notice or what I feel — that’s perceived as pot-stirring,” she noted. “I don’t think it’s pot stirring. I was just saying what happened.”

And Jessel added, “We gotta give you guys a show, right?”

Meanwhile, in her own interview, Sai described her first season of RHONY as “intense,” “fast and furious,” and “fun” before stating that she’s “not afraid to say what’s on [her] mind.”

“I’m one of the most outspoken. I don’t know if I’m a threat, but if you’re lying, I will call you out,” she warned.

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