RHOC Recap: Tamra Throws a Napkin in Jennifer’s Face After Dropping a New Bombshell About Ryan, and Emily Accuses Heather of Being Phony, Plus Gina Questions Her Friendship With Heather

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Jenn Warns Tamra She Should “Watch It” When Talking About Her Boyfriend and Gina Questions if Her Friendship with Heather was Ever Really Real

Heather finds herself in the hot seat on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. First, Emily calls her out for being condescending, and then Gina questions the validity of their friendship. But Heather’s not the only one surrounded by the drama: Jennifer loses her cool with Tamra making things uncomfortable at NoBu.

Shannon is busy playing house at John’s place. This is a rare occurrence, considering John has only cooked for Shannon about one time. There has been some talk about moving in together, but it hasn’t gotten any further than a conversation. Shannon has high hopes of spending the rest of her life with him, but she is “not in any rush,” which is exactly what people say when they are in a rush.

She is, after all, a busy businesswoman and has a bunch of projects up in the air.  Shannon’s stress level is through the roof since she has so many balls up in the air… kids, work, etc. John lets Shannon know that he sees her mind “spinning all the time” and worries about their quality time.

Tamra, Emily, and Heather meet for a pedi. Heather’s back is still messed up from shoveling the sh*t in Montana. Remember when she said she now has a greater appreciation for the other half of society after doing that chore?! #fancypants. Heather sarcastically explains that Taylor was “great” on the trip… but then really breaks down the script fiasco for Emily.

Emily reminds Heather that she can be a little condescending in her tone, and naturally Heather takes offense to it. Emily tries to explain that Heather always comes across as if she is better than everyone, but she may not even realize she behaves that way. Heather looks bored with this, but she lets Emily know that although she told Taylor “f*ck you,” she will still be invited to her upcoming NoBu dinner.

Gina stops over at Jenn’s yoga studio (which, BTW, Jenn’s ex-husband is her financial partner) bearing a candle, which Jenn is thrilled about. Gina uses this candle as an olive branch and apologizes for how things unfolded leading up to the Montana trip. Gina realizes that it forced her to process her feelings, and Jenn felt as though Montana was a good thing, battling through the rough stuff.

Speaking of rough stuff, Jenn explains that she told Tamra from this point forward, if she were to hear people talking behind her back about her relationship, Tamra better come to her first. Gina and Jenn have a cheesy moment as they bond over their pasts, even if they are coming from opposite spectrums.

Emily has been texting with her mom, who has sent her some old pictures of her childhood. She reminds the viewers that she and her sister really took care of themselves growing up because her mother was depressed after the divorce from her father. Emily has an idea to invite her mom out to visit, considering she hasn’t been to her home since 2019. Emily even offers to pay for her mother to come out so she can “get to know” her kids.

The twins are back from Paris with their father, and Shannon discusses their college futures while consignment shopping. According to David, the girls don’t need a college counselor, just an essay editor, and this rubs Shannon the wrong way. She wants to be sure her kids are as prepared as they can be, and so she drops $3,000 on two sweatshirts and a purse while promising to figure out their futures.

Taylor is the first to arrive at Heather’s pre-NoBu Duffy boat. Heather addresses that this whole movie thing has been blown out of proportion with Taylor. Heather does apologize and so does Taylor, and clearly, Heather is just playing nice with everyone because she has dreams of making it to the entrée of this meal, unlike last season’s party. Lauren Lim Jackson, the acting coach, hops on board with the ladies to talk about the script. JK. Heather just wants to look cool and like she has friends in high places.

On the ride over to NoBu, Emily invites everyone to her mother-in-law’s house for a pool party, and Shannon points out that John lives under a bridge, much like a troll would. Interesting.

The ladies dock and roll into NoBu. Heather has the table set so Tamra is far from Shannon — by design I am sure. Heather asks that all the ladies write her daughter Max a note to cheer her on in college as she is having a tough time. She gifts the women Tom Ford candles, and the inscription on the candle says, “Too fabulous to shovel sh*t.” Can you say unaware?

Emily asks how Montana went, and things get awkward. At least things between Gina and Jenn have subsided, but Tamra butts in and tells Jenn to be honest about the timeline of her getting together with Ryan. Unnecessary. Tamra reminds Jenn that Ryan has already cheated on her, and Jenn denies this. Tamra ain’t quitting. Jenn states that she didn’t leave her world for Ryan, and Tamra worries that Ryan won’t be loyal to her. Jenn tries to shut down Tamra when she shrieks the statement about watching your wife because Ryan goes after a married woman.

That put Jenn right over the edge. She tells Tamra she should “watch it,” and she insinuates that at one point, Tamra had the hots for Ryan too. To that, Tamra chucks her napkin at Jenn and does a typical Tamra move: storms out. Naturally, Shannon runs after her.

Heather is just happy that Tamra’s nasty behavior isn’t directed at her, and when prodded further about what Jenn was trying to say, Jenn simply repeats that Tamra needs to watch herself. Why is Jenn protecting Tamra?! Jenn says there was a lot of joking between the two of them over how hot Ryan was. Jenn tells that group that Tamra teasingly said, “Should I go up to his bedroom and take one for the team?”

In the meantime, Shannon gives Tamra some good advice. She believes that Jenn needs to figure out who Ryan is on her own because it is very crushing to have people bash a relationship. I.e., Step up from the sh*t stirring, Tamra. While Jenn tries to wrap her mind around what happened, Tamra is at the bar yelling she needs a Xanax and a shot of tequila. Some things never change.

Back at the table, things start heating up, but Heather is the focus now. Emily points out that Heather has a phony relationship with Tamra, and it hurts her feelings. Emily believes that Heather is afraid of Tamra because she did not talk to Tamra before this, and now that Tamra is back on the show, Heather is up her a*s. Where’s the lie?

Gina reminds Heather that she sold her out to Tamra and that she thought she had a true friendship with Heather. Gina straight asks Heather, “Are you really my friend or not?”

Tamra rejoins the table in the midst of the Gina/Heather fight, and you know she is p*ssed that the girls are not talking about *her* anymore. Gina believes that Heather is trying to “manage the relationship between Shannon and Tamra,” and Heather explains that she has had some personal issues happening in her life, which might have contributed to her behavior.

While the fight continues at the one end of the table, Tamra points to Jenn and says that she is “livid.” Gina’s argument continues to trump Tamra’s as she rattles off numerous times Heather diminished her and spoke down to her. Upon seeing how truly upset Gina is, Heather promises to fix this friendship, and Gina feels some resolve after discussing the issues.

Just as the mood is about to change, Heather receives a text from Terry stating that Shannon’s ex-husband, David, is getting a divorce. Heather went to tell Shannon, but Shannon already knew. Shannon excuses herself to call the kids, and the ladies breathe a sigh of relief as their entrees make it to the table. They were finally able to make it through a whole meal (kinda), but they better eat fast before another fight erupts.