Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of Calling Cops and Throwing Mom Out of Home, as RHOM Star Shades His Looks & Poses With Boyfriend Jody Glidden in New Pic

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

PHOTO: Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of “Call[ing] Cops and Throwing “Elderly Aunt” and Mom Out of Home, Plus RHOM Star Poses With Boyfriend Jody Glidden in New Pic

Credit: Shutterstock/Debby Wong

Lisa Hochstein accused her ex Lenny of calling the police on her “elderly aunt” and mother after the aunt sent Lisa a photo of Lenny’s “home wrecker” girlfriend, who was allegedly wearing “lingerie in front of my kids.”

The exes are in the midst of a contentious divorce, and an audio recording from The Real Housewives of Miami suggested Lenny was having a secret affair. Now, Lisa has moved on romantically and is dating Jody Glidden, an entrepreneur.

Responding to a fan who claimed Lenny ‘didn’t deserve’ her, Lisa wrote, “No he treated me like garbage. He just called the police on my elderly aunt and mother approaching 80.”

She went on to explain, via on Instagram, “[He] had my aunt removed for sending me a photo of the home wrecker that slept over while I have not moved out and while on vacation in lingerie in front of my kids.”

The star called Lenny out for allegedly “disrespecting my mother and aunt who flew all the way from Canada to help watch my kids.”

In a different comment, Lisa expressed, “He’s trying to destroy me.” At one point, the star seemed to insinuate that her marriage with Lenny was loveless.

After a fan wrote, “So happy you found love again,” the castmate responded, “I don’t think I ever had it before this.”

She also seemed to suggest that her new man is ‘hotter,’ and (unlike her ex) is “likable” and has a “personality.”