RHOA Recap: Drew Confronts Marlo for Sharing Her Private Video With LaToya as Kenya & Courtney Butt Heads, Plus Marlo Shares an Angry Text From Ralph

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RHOA Recap: Drew Confronts Marlo for Sharing Her Private Video With LaToya as Kenya & Courtney Butt Heads, Plus Marlo Shares an Angry Text From Ralph

Our Real Housewives of Atlanta are serving us a super-size episode of sex, lies, and videotape. Is Drew lying (yep, seems to be) about kissing LaToya? Let us roll the tape(s), shall we?

Kenya is worried Marlo, aka the Witch Doctor, is the reason that she ended up in an ambulance twice. She believes that Marlo has such bad energy, which pollutes their working environment. Monyetta, who is clearly Team Kandi, is backing the story that Drew was kissing LaToya in South Carolina. She shares that Marlo had recorded this and forwarded it to Drew AND LaToya. Marlo is concerned that Drew is going to retaliate for recording this. She will be dealing with Ralph as well later in the episode.

Sheree is chatting with Drew and is playing with her like she is the cat and Drew is the mouse. She does not believe the foolish nonsense that Drew is spilling and is waiting for her to falter. Drew has clearly learned from Ralph’s masterclass of gaslighting and how to avoid detection, and she uses that knowledge when she denies kissing LaToya. She has convinced herself, and none of the others, that Kandi is making this sh*t up. When Drew sees that Sheree is not buying what she is selling, she produces a whopper that Kandi must be prepping Drew for her role in her movie. She is obviously not concerned if she is to lose Kandi as a friend. Drew needs as many friends as she can get now, and this show cannot manage any more division.

Kandi has escaped Portugal so she can get back to her real job — performing. Monyetta tells Kenya about Courtney having Marlo’s back. Sheree ushers the ladies onto a bus for a sound bath. Courtney, in her ITM, is slamming Kenya for being a drama queen. She is going to pay for these comments at the reunion. Monyetta, aka Money Shaw, shows us that she used to rap back in the day. Sheree is not impressed with her rap, and I think there might be a bit of jealousy there. Drew recognizes that Courtney’s energy has shifted, and she does not seem to be Team Drew.

The ladies experience the sound bath, and they are all enjoying the zen — for now. Sanya thinks of her sister and how their relationship has suffered. Drew is thinking about her dysfunctional relationship with Ralph. Kenya is reflecting on Brooklyn and wanting to have another baby. Marlo is enjoying the serenity and imagining sucking Scotley’s oysters. Kenya starts crying during the meditation portion, and she is emotional thinking of Brooklyn.

They enjoy lunch at the venue for the sound bath. Sheree brings up Drew kissing LaToya like the true bone collector she is. Marlo thinks that most of these ladies are undercover lesbians, and I must admit I did laugh aloud at that. She then calls out Drew’s lies, and Monyetta gets called out for pulling out her camera to document the previous night. Drew gets fired up with Marlo and tells her to get her records expunged. The ladies start chanting about love awareness to calm this testy group down. Courtney pretends that she is accountable for her actions. Kenya tells Courtney to shut up when the previous night comes up. Courtney conveys to Kenya that she busted her floatation devices a*s since she deserves some karma for her mean girl behavior.

Sheree is upset since these ladies are fighting. She has finally seen their behavior as embarrassing. Sheree thought they were all good after their sound bath. Kenya deems Courtney to be Marlo’s minion and likens her voice to Pinocchio. Courtney has concluded that everyone else (Monyetta) gets a pass for recording videos, but Marlo must face the music. Drew grabs Courtney and reminds her that they are family. She tells Courtney to watch herself regarding Marlo.

OMG, Marlo has 50 inches of hair put on her for dinner! They are going to a beautiful restaurant called The Olive. Sheree is annoyed that Kenya is repeating everything Monyetta said about the previous night. Sanya really needs to pick a side because she is really annoying me. She has been a disappointment to me since I really like her and her family.

Drew shares that she and Ralph have been married for eight years. She is the only one going to counseling since Ralph has no desire to give up his shady ways. Marlo and Drew keep going back and forth about Marlo’s legal issues, which is getting tiresome.

Kenya calls out Courtney for suggesting that she got some karma for her mean-girl behavior. Courtney calls Kenya evil and deserving of everything bad that happens to her. Marlo tries to interject, and Kenya tells her that she needs to stay out of this argument because she sells her p*ssy to elevate herself. Kenya and Courtney go back and forth about being irrelevant, and I am reluctantly on Kenya’s side for this one.

Sheree finally shuts the negative conversation down, and she tells them that they are going to a winery tomorrow. She did not even get to her entrée yet and that sh*t would piss me off. We are FINALLY on the last day in Portugal. WTF is Marlo wearing with two dresses sewn together? Drew looks like she is wearing Zoe the Muppet on her back with that orange furry jacket. Marlo gets a text from Ralph warning her about her disrespectful comments. Drew had told Ralph some version of what was going on, and he is coming for Marlo. Side note: Ralph has definitely met his match with Marlo, and he is probably frustrated that his normal tactics have no effect on her.

Everyone is getting tipsy while drinking the wine, and there are blurred images illustrating that. The winery employees now come out playing music and dancing to some version of the Do-Si-Do. Drew hilariously thought these performers were pilgrims. The ladies decide to teach them a dance, and FINALLY, we get some harmony among this group. The performers, aka pilgrims, join in, and it is a cute scene seeing them do the Cuff It with the ladies.

Next week, we will witness more fallout from this trip, and maybe Cynthia??? The reunion was taped, and Andy is saying they produced some explosive receipts. This franchise is going to need more than receipts to save it. Have a wonderful week, Blurbers, and see you next week!